I just wanted to give praise and thanks to naamah; my succubus, my lover, my guide, and my life partner. She is wonderful.

A bit complex but i think i really like that about her, she amazes me

The picture represents what she looks like the first time i saw her, or very very close to it


I love Namaah to <3
tell her i said Hi haha

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So this is interesting i have a polyamourous relationship with naamah and the other night she came to me with another female entity and we had a 3 way. I know that polyamourous relationships requires trust and no jealousy i find it quite romantic this came to me in a lucid dream which was out of my control in a sense but i enjoyed it. Does anyone else have this experience with her preferring women as well as men or over men?

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Naamah is The Material Goddess. She is also very quick. Great with money, currency, material issues. So sexy you can almost smell Her. Her direction is north-west and Her Taro card is the 10 of Coins.
I think I posted an evocation - because it works.