Which Sigil to summon Her?



Is that the sigil of the sphere Nahemoth?
Na’amah had an own sigil as far as I know.
I guess it looked like an eye or so.
It was on the Forum.

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Indeed it is but Naamah is Nehemoth so. :man_shrugging:
She has many sigils, my advice is pick one that resonates the most with you and use it, she won’t mind and might even give you a more personal one.


According to Vk Jehannum she is Nahema or Na’amah. Nahemoth is plural for the whisperers,
I guess. Sorry for that wanting to correct you but
I saw this little difference.

‘‘The name Nahemoth [the Whisperers] is also rendered Nehemoth and Nahemo and the Qlipha has the alternate names of Lilith [Night Spectre] and Reschaim [Elements]. It is ruled by Nahema/Na’amah,…’’

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In the Draconian Ritual Book by Asenath Mason there is a sigil for her. If you call Nahemot, is like if you wanted to talk to someone in a city, but instead of calling that person you call the whole city.

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Yes, that’s it.
You call the whole plane then.

To be a little technical Na’amah נעמה means pleasant (female form) as in past tense verb, which makes it a statement.
Another less obvious translation is Lustrous (female form).

From my experience with her so far, I would stay that she is both Lustrius and Pleasant.

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It seems the sigil calls the Qliphothic sphere. Very powerful


Athah Gibor Leohlam Azrat