Naamah sigil

It’s hard to find the correct sigil for Naamah as there’s like 3 or 4 different ones. Does anyone here know which one is the most genuine and powerful sigil for Naamah?

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I’m not sure which sigil for Naamah is the “original”, sorry I can’t help you there but I have some advice if you want it.

I find if you don’t JIVE with the sigils you find, meditation on the entity and creation of a sigil to embody them by your own hand can positively impact connection is a very powerful and effective route.


Whenever there are multiple seals for a spirit, I always go with the one that stands out to me the most. If you relax and look at each seal in turn, your intuition should help you find the best one for you.


What about using the Hebrew for a sigil? [Hebrew](: נַעֲמָה; “pleasant”

You’ll find this sigil to be quite helpful :pray:

Read up on the traditions before you use any sigils. It’s not only Naamah you will connect with, but also the undercurrent of the tradition which the sigil is connected too. Mostly she is connected to traditions with deep roots in the Qliphothic spheres, because she is the ruler of the qlipha of Nahemoth. Keep this in mind if opening the Qliphoth is not part of the plan. From what I’ve seen, there are mainly sigils for her from The Temple of Black Light or people connected to Dragon Rouge. I have worked alot with her sigil, and still do, from The Book of Sitra Achra and just gazing and tuning into it for like 15-20min is enough to get absorbed into that tradition and letting these forces into your life. Else you may channel a more personal sigil if you have the ability to do that.

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Tree of qlipoth have the sigil

there’s not a lot of info about Naamah but i read she is connected with destruction and lust. A representative of the dark feminine archtype. Destroying the truly corrupt and seducing. She is the sigil and one I resonate most with.

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You can always make your own sigil following the next:

1: Meditate on the collective consciousness focused on the very concept of “Naamah”, remember she’s the embodiment of sexuality and material things. Put aside the she’s a demon thought and see her as what she truly is, a force of nature, a law

2: Remember she’s already a dormant part of you, don’t put barriers between your humanity and her spirit of the world status, you are her child

3: Be confident of yourself: your beauty, your intelligence, your power, you need to put aside every bad thoughts about you otherwise these burdens may be reflected on the recreated sigil

Well I hope this helps you to make a good start, there’s really no need to rush.

Good luck

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Agreed 100%, i dont see them as “demons” but as forces of nature. Kali, Naamah, these female archtypes are of the dark feminine forces of chaos, destruction, seduction, and so on. And I realize that we are all part of that nature, we all have these archtypes within us.