Naamah offering

What would be a good offering to Queen Naamah for thanks and friendship? I haven’t had much luck looking on the internet. I have some dragon’s blood incense. Thank you in advance :metal:

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Have you tried searching this forum? @Uncle-Al has posted much about Naamah.

According to him, sexual offerings are preferred.


See DarkestKnight above.

Also desert fruits, but if you’re looking for the love of your life and you offer a piece of desert fruit, well good luck.

Spiritual entities also crave that their existence be know and acknowledged, so you may wish to offer Naamah that you’ll spread the word and Her influence. Just remember to keep whatever agreement you reach. I won’t have to tell you that a second time.



@Uncle-Al l I love your post. Your info on Naamah is fantastic and it works. :grinning:

You always bring great info to the table.


Naamah LOVES sperm.
Candles, pieces of art, blood.
A great offering would be a dreamcatcher made of crow and featherwings.
She ones told me that but unfortunately i haven’t been able yet to make one…


Awesome, that is very good to know. I really appreciate that. What’s her personality like if you approach her with respect of course? Do you have to do the evocation process?

I’m very new to this and never done an evocation or invocation.

I expirienced her as sombody who’s very sweet but who LOVES to tease.
You can do invocations, she answers very fast.
I moaned her name or whispered it, thought of her, carried her sigil.
You can devote candles to her and anoint them with sperm, lunar blood or vaginal fluid when a woman is aroused.
Blood aswel but.sexual fluids work best or that is at least the feeling i got.


I wanted to tell you that as I was meditating last night, I think she made her presence known. I could feel like this static electricity going down the left side of my face and on top of my forehead. I also could hear faint little movements around me lol. I bet that was her lol. I appreciate the advice.


Im gonna try that thank you all

Welcome @BAPHOMET. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

Chocolate, wine, incense, sex/mastrubation, music, and your time have proven to be good offerings in my time working with her. Give her gifts that you would want to share with someone you truly care for, and it will take you far, or that is the impression she has given me.


SO , i have offered dragons blood and sandallwood incense and semen ointed her sigil(4 noes has well) and lit up a tea light candle ,chanted her enn i set the intent and charge the sigil by focucing on it until it faded way

i relaxed my self down and i felt a light presence in my bed touching my whole body it was like it was on top of me,like rubs in my head etccc

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Im going to make one for her soon

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