Naamah mediation and invocation experiences so far

I’ve been meditating on Naamah’s sigil off and on for about a week now and I feel an immense pull towards her. Every time i see her sigil my third eye goes crazy and starts pulsating like i’ve never felt before.

When i meditate on her sigil my body gets insanely hot, sweaty and i start breathing rapidly. I can feel a fire inside of me, burning me from the inside. I’ve never experienced such sudden and powerful change before. It’s incredible!

But it doesn’t stop there. Naamah has visited me in my dreams multiple times, in different forms. Each time showing me something. This last time was a bit strange though, so I would like some opinions on it…

I am in a forested area, on a long dirt part. There are animals all around watching me. A raven, some wolves, a snake or two, and an owl. They are all just watching me. as i walk down this path I see a beautiful woman standing in front of me, her face is covered by a light fog but she beckons me forward.

I feel drawn to her. I am not walking any more, i am literally pulled towards her by some unknown force.

As I move through this fog i notice we are standing in a graveyard. There are several rows of tombstones, some knocked over and broken while others are standing up in one piece. Above us is a full moon, bright and glorious. The moon is the only thing lighting the area.

As she stands there looking at me, i notice that in the middle of this graveyard is a tree. She hands me fruit from this tree, and i eat it. Falling over, through the earth, and beneath this graveyard is another tree. Upside down. Dark. There is no light here.

Just this tree. I then find myself back on ground looking at this new tree. No gravestones to be found but lots of strange sounds.

This is when i woke.

Has anyone experienced something like this before? I have my own interpretations but i am curious what others with more experience may think.


Yes I am just from meeting her. I haven’t had visions yet but her presence is intense

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