Naamah & Lilith Specific Vampirism

So i’ve been working with Naamah & Lilith. Two things keep coming up in regards two specific types of vampirism. Vampirism of beauty and vampirism of health.

Does anyone know any links or books that will help in developing these specific types of vampirism?

Any help would be appreciated.


Methods used by various kinds of spiritual healers are about putting energy into someone, or reintegrating them, or doing other things to heal from a spiritual injury or energy loss - trust me when I say every method to heal, can be reversed or altered, to HARM, so maybe that’s one starting point?


Here’s what I don’t get about energy vampirism: Why would you draw energies from a person when you can draw more energy from your surroundings in most cases? Heck, if your surroundings aren’t strong enough for that, you could draw from more powerful forces like the planetary spirits and whatnot. I mean, I’m an energy vampire myself, and I usually just draw from the ambient energies around me.


Flavor, that’s why. To some, the flavor of people is preferable to the flavor of dirt or light or anything else.


Also, remember the definition of vampire- being that consumes LIFE energy…


"Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates."
Life vibrates, energy causes vibration, energy is energy regardless of source. I also have the habit of balancing energies with a sigil I created for that purpose before taking them into my system, to prevent nasty effects from whatever inflection the source put on the energy. At that point it is just neutral energy, and while I do need to draw off people, I don’t have to draw more than the minimum amounts.


I have to say I am with @Anziel_Merkaba on this one. The Earth’s energy is so much more powerful than any single person. As well, I think drawing from the Earth or other planets, etc, is much less risky. Drawing energy from a person… You have no idea what kind of skittle party you are getting yourself into. To each their own though.


Oh I’m fine with drawing from surroundings and not people, I’m really just dithering over semantics. My point was that using “vampirism” to label all energy exchange is misleading, as vampirism only applies to life energy (as far as my own knowledge goes). I’m saying we need a different name for drawing energy out of everything else


I get your point brother.


Also according to Naamah & Lilith a just punishment for those who take there physical gifts for granted.


I love this comment. I feel the same way. Draining people of their energy is like going out for Fast Food. It does not last very long. And you have to keep feeding and are constantly starving. You get that first initial hit! Then after a while it fades. Plus, you open the door for that person to Feed off of you. Many people forget about that one.

When I utilize the elements. Planets, electricity, etc as my energy supply, I never crash, the energy lasts for days instead of hours, and I’m never starved.

Thank you for sharing.


Lmao! Flavor! Ha! This is a great way to put it!!!


Books by A.Mason will be very helpful to you.
Especially the Qlipoth


Exactly! Plus it’s purer in lack of a better word. Energies from humans can have things attached to them that you don’t need. That’s why you always have to filter off energy from people whenever you take from them.

For some reason most people forget this, filter filter filter.


Yes, basically any knowledge of the healing arts (the nadis, pressure points, energy channels ) can be used for harm. In fact they’re two sides of the same coin.

The same techniques use to channel energy into a person can be used to channel energy out of a person with only slight variations to the method used

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Their style of vampirism is heaving influenced by sexual currents and energy. Looking into working with an incubus or succumbs can better help you understand their method of vampirism.

That’s why you’ve got to screen and filter off their energies you take.

Plus I find that it depends on the person, some people’s energy to me feels dense and sort of sluggish, just think of molasses, while others feel light and more fluid. Of course the quality of a person’s energy depends on a lot of things.

Honestly it’s much easier taking energy from the earth or from a celestial body. Saves you half the stress and gives you am instant boost :slight_smile:

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This will become vital, regardless if i get homeless or not. ~:hushed:~


Lol! This is awesome!

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