Na’amah possession

I’m very interested in the possession rights of the daemonic tongue. If I’d use them, I’d start with na’amah. According to my pendulum she’s interested. I remember reading on this site na’amah is the softer version of Lilith.

Please provide opinions. Persuade me. Dissuade me. Whatever.


She’s not a “softer version” of anything. She is Lilith’s sister, and a goddess in her own right.


Naamah is a very potent goddess.
She has proven quick to take action, and upholds her end of the bargain. Just like Lilith, my instincts tell me not to mess around and come correct. Her energy fills your temple with a deep vibration, a dark rumble from an elder being, coiling around your body. The first time I called to her, she left an impression. Know your own worth. Come to her respectfully, but not submissively.


She’s an amazing goddess.
She can learn many interesting things from astral travel, witchcraft till your sexual shadow aspects etc…

The first time i saw a physical manifestation of a succubus was after working with her.
It was abit confusing since i thought it was Naamah herself but my gut feeling said it was one of her children.
Though she had no harmful intensions towards me.
Naamah seems to really like me somehow


Na’amah truly does live up to her name “pleasant”. While I don’t know if “softer” is the right descriptor for her vs the other Queens, she does seem a bit more “laid back”, most of the time, compared to her counterparts.

I’ve heard it said she does do a bit more psychopomp work then the others, so yes she might be a better Goddess to start with for learning the “demonic tongue“. I highly recommend.

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I can’t wait to work with her