Mysterious Spirit - Help Me Identify It!

I just had a rather strange experience. I was reading random BALG posts, but suddenly the world started to fade; at some point, I closed my eyes, but I don’t know when. I entered some kind of trance state. And something revealed itself to me.

I saw, at first, a pair of bright glowing yellow eyes, unmistakably demonic. After what was a few seconds but felt like forever, my vision panned out to reveal a horned figure who’s face was shrouded in shadow; only the glowing eyes and the silhouette of the horns were visible. The demon wore a black cloak. I asked it what it wanted. It simply pointed at what felt like my forehead. I asked if it wanted to help me open my third eye. No answer.

Then I asked it for its name. It wouldn’t give me a straight answer, but instead revealed a simple symbol to me as follows:


Then he slipped away like curtains were closing and it was over.

Which demon does this sound like?


You should try more divination.

The thing is, you are probably best suited to figure this puzzle out yourself. You even were giving a sign. Have you tried opening it, to see what it does?

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Alright; what method do you recommend? I’m rather new to it.

Not yet; I fell asleep last night. I’ll try opening it tonight and post my experience then for sure.

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Also, on my morning commute this morning I did a rough photoshop of what I saw. Here it is; does it ring any bells for anyone?


You should do what you are comfortable with. I really like using a black mirror for scrying. I like the black mirror because I am very good at Clairsentience, I just ‘know’ things when I feel or lock onto energy. So if you choose to use a mirror, dont get caught up in ‘seeing’ things. A lot of people get distracted by wanting to ‘see’ that they miss the message right in front of their face.

Though the most powerful divination tool you have is your gut feeling/intuition . Reach out for that spirit, and ask for it, wait for it to answer -to feel its presence- then ask your question. Go with the gut answer you get. Ask for a name. Ask for a reason why its contacted you. You dont really need a seal to contact the spirit, reach for the Mask that it showed you and lock onto that as you divine your own answers.

It may take you a couple times. Prepare your questions ahead of time. Have pen and paper ready. Write down the answer(s) that come to mind and dont stop until the thought has come completely out of you. Just let the pen flow. You will get the answers you need. Have patience and dont beat yourself up if you come up with ‘nothing’ the first few times. The spirit reached out to you for a reason.


@Ryce Thanks so much; I will do this tomorrow, certainly. How much time do I have in order to be considered timely in response to this spirit reaching out?

dude that symbol is in the Keanu Reeves movie Constantine has something to do with demons I would guess…

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in the film a catholic priest carves that sigil symbol into his hand and dies I think it might be associated with Satan or an anti christ figure but I don’t know man…

I wouldnt worry about time. Spirits dont perceive time as we do, which is why sometimes it is hard to understand their time frame on things xD Just focus on making contact.

and FYI yellow eyes are a sign of Azazel he is known to have them…

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I work with demonic and never once got this symbol or any demon looking like a straight up monster with horns except maybe Azazel I have seen him with goat horns and yellow eyes… but not gonna lie doesn’t sound like a good sign for you demons always talk and give answers never just point at you and leave might not even be a demon probably an angel or spirit working for YHWH trying to scare you off…

check your messages

The symbol’s an unusual variant of a coptic cross. I’ve never seen one inverted, let alone with widthless arrow tipped axes. My guess is that it has a reality or magic warping related significance.

For the demon, my money’s on Belial.



That was a really awful illustration; I took some time and drew out what I actually saw in more detail:

It looks like an inverted Celtic Cross blended with a Coptic Cross to me. What do you think?

That’s extremely interesting to me. In your opinion, how would it be used in practice?

That makes sense, considering I evoked Belial about a week beforehand. I thought that evocation was largely unsuccessful, but maybe it wasn’t.

Azazel had blue eyes for me.

I dont see anything celtic about that, really. Those prongs strike me as esoterically satanic. My first thought for use would be in gate work; Burn it into your north side pillar-facing altar during a ritual and call upon the powers of the world below and it should blow someone’s spell/praxis/life/general state of being completely to hell.

The spirit is probably Baal (Bael) who employs the color black in many visions. I have had visions of this Deity and it always come to me in black, in one i saw him black armor and helmet. In another similar to your vision with bright yellow eyes in darkness which unfolded into a large black cat.

i would call and ask it

Here are some links to Baal who I suspect is the Deity that contacted you, I am only guessing but I think with some accuracy, notice on the first link, scroll down to Color: Yellow (black) like the yellow eyes, black cloak…