My Work with Belial


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Dear Darkest Knight,
I am so sorry to hear about what has happened to you and I can empathise because I have been in some horrible situations myself.

I want to offer some humble advice. I suppose I really have no right because I’m no great magus by any stretch but I’d like to help.

The first thing you need to know is that you’re not alone. Spirit is all around you and reaches out to you constantly but needs you to move aside from things so that it is able to help you get what you need.
The second is that your emotional and psychological state is contributing to Spirit (Belial or any other) from making contact with you in a positive way. I work with Belial too and he doesn’t force himself on me. Nor does Azazel. I have to make an effort to control myself or they will leave me to self-destruct.

First try to take care of your physical needs as far as possible. Ie: find some way to get yourself sheltered and fed. That’s the most difficult part, and if you can achieve comfort of some sort or atleast relief, you’re well on your way.

Secondly, know that every situation in life is temporary. That you’re mind is a powerful tool that can bring you all that you wish, and the Spirit, (Belial or any other) is entirely on your side to help and support you.
Know this to be true. I’ve been disappointed by myself and the rest of humanity millions of times, in fact I think humans are mostly untrusworthy. But humans (especially non-magickal ones) are easily influenced by Spirit. Spirit WILL find a way to bring you what you want. IT NEVER FAILS! Take comfort in that.

Thirdly know deep within you what you want. A job? A house that has heating? I don’t know whatever you want, think carefully about it because when you present your idea to Spirit you need to be very clear about what you really want. And the way you’ll be sure about it is by how you feel. If it excites you and your onboard with it, then its what you want.

Finally, now you’re ready for the magick. Get a single candle, choose a colour that reasonates with you. Carve Belials sigil and the sigil of any other demon who works specidfically with what you want. Also write what you want on the canle like “house”, or “job”. It doesn’t have to be a master piece, see its for you… Your offering. Bless the candle, hold it in both hands and say what you want and bless the candle. If you can’t carve the sigils onto the candle, write them on paper and place the beneath the candle.
Get up early in the morning (E.A. Recommends 3am, I do the same and it works for me regardless of the spell). Sit in front of your lit candle and stare into the flame. Let your breathing flow and concentrate deeply on NOTHING. Don’t put any stock into any thoughts just clear that busy anxious mind. After a few minutes you will feel your body behaving differently, your mind will calm and the flame will become the center of your universe. Now you begin thinking about that thing you want to manifest, a home, a job, whatever. Visualise the details, feel your joy develope at receiving this gift that you so desire, let it be as if it is real in your mind, let it become true.
I would set aside 30 minutes every morning to meditate on the candle and usually before I finished the 1st one my desire is ful-filled.

Do this everyday, everyday preferably at the same time everyday. Until your dream manifests.
Start with 1 thing that you may want eg; job, for income to be able to live. Once you’ve secured that try for the next thing.

I can almost guarentee that this works because I’ve done it so many times, for so many different things and it worked every time!

One last parting shot - take action in the world, act towards getting what you want - eg, apply for job, learn what you need to learn, talk to people, whatever, ake an interest in what you want. As you open doorways for Spirit, it begins to find pathways to bring you what you want. Do NOT give time, energy or thought to ANYTHING contrary to what you want! If its not part of your paradigm, REFUSE IT! Your power is precious, don’t waste it on crap.
Good luck!


Something I forgot to add was, if you’re going to do this, bare in mind the Spirit does not differenciate. Whatever you want to acheive, don’t go about it in a round about way, decide what you want.
I did a session with Azazel, and I asked him for help with something, he got confused in the channeling because I wasn’t getting to the crux of what I wanted. Pay attention to your actual need, if its to eat, right now, then ask for that. Visualise the meal, and ask your familiar, or just Spirit in general. "Provide me with food, focus on that and KNOW, that means that you are adament you’re going to get it. Spirit don’t like confusion, they like to be sure. You will open gateways for yourself you never knew existed. Don’t doubt Spirit. When you feel doubt enter, calm yourself, center yourself, focus again on the fact that Spirit never fails, and then start knowing again that what you asked for already exists here and now.



Has he ever said something similar to you?

One time I was debating helping this guy we know (offline friend) and he challenged me on why I’d want to do it, and he was right - my real reason was more “so he’ll stop bugging us” - but it was more the turn of phrase used there that struck a chord with me, “that’s Belial at his best” kind of thing. :slight_smile:

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Having managed to secure some temporary shelter, last night I meditated upon Belial ’ s sigil. I used the cloud exercise to relax, and gazed at the sigil. It seemed to open quickly as I was rapidly drawn in. I felt a wave of dizziness and the sigil seemed to expand. I chanted the enn for a couple of minutes and then i asked for the great king’s blessing and strength in my material and spiritual Ascent. I also acknowledged that they are the same. I heard a voice in my head repeating “use the familiar,” but i don’t know if it was my internal voice or not…


In my experience they are often the same, and there’s not a lot of distinction. Even if it wasn’t the voice of Belial penetrating your thoughts, it is commonly your intuition tapping into something you are completely unaware of and it is making you aware.


It was King Belial.

whacks lightly hand with a ruler,like an old school teacher

Nope.I’m not gonna allow self-doubt in my classroom.

But that aught to be useful,using the familiar he gave you.


Last night, after relaxing with the cloud exercise, I meditated on Belial ’ s sigil. I was drawn in right away; it seemed like the sigil was expanding, growing larger in my vision. I didn’t ask for anything, just sat quietly trying to absorb the energy. After about ten minutes, I put the sigil under my pillow and turned my mind yo other things.

I don’t remember any particularly vivid dreams. Tonight I’m going to try to contact the familiar.


Okay, last night, after getting down to mid Alpha, I opened Belial’s sigil and did an impromptu Q&A. I didn’t think out my questions before hand so I stumbled over my words but this is what I got:

What is the first step I must take to rebuild my material world?

B: You must understand that the material and the spiritual are one. This must become a deep knowing. The physical will drag on the spiritual and the spiritual will drag on the physical. Trust yourself. Do not doubt. Take what you require.

I need a large sum of money to obtain a new home but I cannot see a pathway to what I need. What can I do?

B: Ask, and a pathway will be opened, if it is your Will.

I seek a pact with you. Are you willing to make a pact with with me, to aid in my Ascent?

B: Yes, when you are ready. You have much to learn to become a Master. No more questions. Use the familiar granted you to obtain what you desire. Continue to call upon me daily. You need the practice.

I thanked the King, and put the sigil aside. After stabilizing my state, I opened the sigil of the familiar Arcane had asked the great king to send my way. It opened very quickly, so quickly in fact I had to blink several times because I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Here is the Q&A:

You were very quick to respond. Thank you for coming.

Z: I am always near, ready to do your Will.

What, exactly, can you do for me?

Z: Whatever is your Will.

I need a large sum of money. Can you bring the money I need?

Z: If it be your Will.

It is. Can you bring to me $1000?

Z: It will be done.

I do not have a pathway available to obtain such money. Are you able to open one?

Z: Yes. It will be done.

I thanked the familiar and dismissed him. I don’t know how much above is my ego and how much, if any, is the spirit’s words. Also, I apparently have absolutely no idea what kind of questions to ask, and like to repeat myself. Take it as you will.


This is obviously beyond important to you right now, do you think maybe what E.A. did in the love spell video, asking the spirit to send you some sign that will show you that this work is already complete, would be helpful?

Or am I projecting my own impatience onto this? :slight_smile:

That IS entirely possible - and fast money magick has never been my speciality either, so bear that in mind!


hello DarkestKnight,
i read your story on this thread and i hope you completely fix your problem soon.
i myself since i played the wigi board have a constant presence with me which refuses to tell me its name or true nature, it showed me some cool magical stuff at first but now it is just staying there with no valid answers and blocking me from contacting any other entities, sometimes i think it is there to help, sometimes i think it is an evil entity responsible for my suffering in life without me noticing. after i read your post i thought may be i myself have got to learn something before i can work with this entity or any other one.
anyway ,may i ask you did you ask belial why did you have to suffer before you learn that the spiritual and the material are related, couldn’t he just have told you that ?


Excuse me. But as far as “Questions” go, I was just discussing it in this thread and there is a relationship with Bune and Belial as I have a direct link with them. But here it is:


Things you want to keep in mind is create a Goal List of what you want and questions. Then go into meditation and daydream and ask those questions… as you are prepared (with a list of questions prior to meditation) you have no room to Trip over yourself or act confused as you are prepared with all Half of the Brainstorming prepared on paper.

Then in meditation you daydream… ask a question…ideas will flow into your mind as a response. Etc. It is up to you to structure it however you want as ONLY YOU know what you need to do as everyones situation is different. Basic things to structure questions around.

  1. Goal - you have to know what you want.

  2. Possible Pathways - FYI…ask for ones you both have and have not seen.

  3. Path Clearing - Sometimes Pathways only become possible after you do Path Clearing… do not expect things to just simply be available… sometimes there are a number of different types of obstacles to be cleared =) Its actual WORK! In the magickal sense…

  4. Belial Politics - Belial can sequester favors from both Friends and Foe… politics is not running the latest campaign, it is influencing things in your favor. Politics is What you want! Its your Goal. Belial is a Daemon of Communication. Communication is not just the words people speak… it is the words in the Mind… but most importantly… it is the Language that defines the Manifestation Process and Manifestation of their dreams, their unconscious mind… and their conscious thinking. Belial is a Master Communicator…Bune bestows Eloquence, which goes hand in hand with that. Do the math. They told me this personally.

There are a lot of people as Potential pawns on the Belial Political Chessboard. Think of people doing favours here and there as a Timeline of small events leading to a larger event. People will do different things to help you, in an organization that you may or may not be able to perceive that will lead you where you need to go to get what you need. If you notice stuff here and there… its called a Synchronicity which is the spirits influence in action.

  1. Fast Magick. You need to get a little scientific about this to understand manifestation a little better. When you tap into an Archetype… and I am saying Belial is an Archetype, but he is also a real living human being so one must understand Daemons are many many things and that we should seek to understand them more and not simply put them in a box of what we THINK THEY SHOULD BE…but rather…if you want to manifest their full Power more then you should allow them to come to you in the Guises they want suited for the circumstances. Anyway, when you tap into an archetype you are tapping into a Mirror Image (such as the Belial energy within people… I cannot tell you what that is, but you must meditate on Belial and ask him yourself) in people. So when you do this, think of it like senting out a CALL… an informational signal is sent out, and the amount and speed of your influence will be related to what is available within the Immediate Environment. So that gives you a clue partially on how remote influence can work in relation to ones Environment and "Influences Moving around " on the Global Chessboard.

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:31, topic:6218”]This is obviously beyond important to you right now, do you think maybe what E.A. did in the love spell video, asking the spirit to send you some sign that will show you that this work is already complete, would be helpful?

Or am I projecting my own impatience onto this? :slight_smile:

That IS entirely possible - and fast money magick has never been my speciality either, so bear that in mind![/quote]
I remembered this advice yestarday as I was talking to Belial (Hail!) to give me a sign. Immediately after I asked this my phone rang. Also I saw that what I asked became to happen during the next 10 minutes. I asked him to stop an annoying and depressive fighting in my home done by one person. It had been going on for about 2 days and no speaking nor problem solving helped. When the change happened it was a total change of behavior of the one who was creating stresfull war in here (by a human).
2 days ago I was doing a ritual and I needed to hurry to get money and I didn’t know what the hell to do since the money issue was bothersome and acute need of it.
During the ritual my phone rang and one person asked me to come visit because she wanted to give me some money. My life is not all about money, there are more important values in my life, but because of the bad situation I have I tryed to get help from Belial to bring me things I need or money. I’m amazed how well this works with him because I’m just in the beginning of my magickal life and path.
It makes me laugh everytime I remember that Belial brought me to get an aquarium that I have planned to get, in the ritual I said "I want you to help me get over this poor time so please bring me wealth in many forms. Funny.
The connection with him gets stronger and stronger and I can feel it and him. I never banish him, it’s an opposite, I want him to be with me all the time.
One interesting thing came up as I read the net about Belial. Someone wrote of his experiences and I have a similar one, tell me have you also experienced this: he said and I have also experienced that when I meditated (with sigil and Belial’s enn) lizard like picture came into my mind. It moved, got bigger and smaller and constantly moved.
I have been reading about blood magick in the forum and in the net and my monthly perioid has begun. I am thinking of doing blood magick for Belial.
What do you think of it or what kind of experiences do you people have of it with Belial? I have a feeling that it’ll be a great offering but then again, I’m new to magick.
I wouldn’t have never guess that rituals of magick of mine works so well and quickly when I started this.
Belial seems to be one of the most used demon nodadays according to what I’ve read in the forum. Or if not then I have just noticed topics of him. I can suggest people to try work with him even if you are a beginner but some things must be kept in mind in my opinion or at least I need them.
F i I say time limit for a pact always and since I can’t yet hear Belial I kind of suggest a deal with him telling the time line I mean and then I tell what I am ready to do for the deal and what I expect him to do for me. I am aware of possibility to get shit hit the fan also so I am always honest and do what I say and the more information I gather from other people’s experiences I develop my actions to be real, do my part and I always respect Belial and thank him.


There are things the Goetic Kings are working on which includes the lizard thing. But it isnt a lizard, but something far bigger, but not what you think. Yeah I’ve seen it.

Could you be thinking of Jurassic Park? ;o)

Kaisa, blood is a major deal so I think you should do a reading on it and see if it will be advantageous to you in the long-term, it may be but it’s not something to take lightly.

The Book Of Fate is a divinatory tool suitable for everyone from absolute beginners with no overt psychic skils, to advanced magicians, and it’s reliably told me which spirits I can safely and beneficially work with - and which not to.

Full intructions + a legal download of the Book in that link, if you’re interested. :slight_smile:

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Could you be thinking of Jurassic Park? ;o)

Not at all. In fact I wasnt impressed with their new movie. More like a Dragon, which is superior to any reptillian or dinosaur or Amalekite (religious depiction of reptillian) which are mere cheap knockoffs of something not very well understood.

However, if you should be interested in Reptillian dinosaurs like Terroraptor Egg Suckers…them look no further than Ronove and he’ll take you there for a Cthulu level experience along with its myriad of Rapine Tentacle Action. Sometimes I wonder if Belial hasnt washed your mind a little bit with Hollywood Flicks =) to mess with you.

Well I didnt go down the Jurassic Path for reasons that I wasnt interested in the generated synchronicity life path.


I shall manfully refrain from responding to your primate status stuff from my own inner monkey, and simply offer this - as you may have read, I posted that I’d quite fancy a night out at the cinema with Belial:wink:

I remember that post. In fact when I think of you and him I always refer back to that as well as a couple others. You should make a blog with select interactions with him maybe for fun.

Speaking of Hollywood flicks, the new Mazerunner has been out a little while Im gonna go check that out. As for lunch Im still trying to decide decide between a Giant plateof rice and teriyaki (basically chinese food) or a Chipotle Mexican steak burritoe.

[quote=“Biosynth, post:39, topic:6218”]I remember that post. In fact when I think of you and him I always refer back to that as well as a couple others. You should make a blog with select interactions with him maybe for fun.

Speaking of Hollywood flicks, the new Mazerunner has been out a little while Im gonna go check that out. As for lunch Im still trying to decide decide between a Giant plateof rice and teriyaki (basically chinese food) or a Chipotle Mexican steak burritoe.[/quote]My thread seems to be going off the rails. This has nothing to do with Belial, or my work with him.