My Walpurgisnacht Ritual With Lucifer, Lilith, and Belial!

It has been a while since I’ve had a topic but I thought I’d share a ritual I just did.

So in E.A.'s most recent live chat, he gave out an invitation for people to do a ritual in tandem with him and others for world and person change. Causing us to empower each other. I thought that sounded cool so I decided to join in.

There wasn’t a specific ritual to do just any ritual. So seeing that I’m at my parent’s house atm and can not use candles I just used Sigils and invocations. I choose Lucifer, Lilith, and Belail because I’ve been drawn to work with them for a while. Now my senses aren’t the best and even getting into a decent alter state has been giving me trouble but none the less I went through with it.

I gazed at the sigil first and called them to me and proceeded to do the invocation then I gazed at the sigil again. I did this with all three and then I stared at the night sky visualizing and verbalizing my desires. My visualization is usually pretty good at least when it comes to scans but I have a feeling I was trying too hard to visualize at that moment.

After I did that I went into my bathroom which was darker than my room and I could turn the lights off and I gazed at the sigils again. I felt more this time like I felt something during the first part but this felt more intimate. I could definitely tell the difference in energy for each. I gazed at the sigil and verbalized and visualized what I desired for each demon. I could tell each of them was drawn to different aspects of my personal change (Lucifer in the spiritual/psychic, Lilith in the love and sex, and Belial in the career and income). My wordage and where I felt energy changed with each demon as well. For example, with Belial, I felt myself saying stuff more boastfully and aggressive and felt the energy in my chest.

Once that’s as done I gazed into my reflection in bathroom mirror when it was pitch black and stated my intent again before closing it off with a thank you to Lucifer, Lilith, and Belial!

I wasn’t in an altered state I wish I was in like I wasn’t immersed as I would have liked to be but I believe I still made the contact I needed to. I just need to work on that. It was still a good ritual, I still felt stuff and I was invested in it. It wasn’t as smooth like I shifted around and made some stuff up on the spot (Like staring at the night sky or going into the bathroom) but it also wasn’t a lazy ritual and I feel I put in the effort for it.

Either way shout out to Lucifer, Lilith and Belial! Praise be to those awesome entities and a shout out to anyone else who did a ritual tonight as well! You are all fucking awesome (even if you didn’t do a ritual, remember you’re awesome).

Thank you for reading all of this and I hope you all enjoyed!


Hail king belial
Hail Satanchia
Hail Lucifer
Hail Lilith


Ama Lilith! Hail Lucifer! Hail Belial! Hail Mephistopheles! Hail Satan!

May we manifest the end of fear and our will upon a dying age!


Thanks for sharing!

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