My visit to the Abyss and getting soul snatched by Abbadon

Any tips on working with this entity, he seems like quite the ascended master, I didnt realize they were one of the ones who shamelessly manipulated me in jail and in other pursuits. I’ve heard about the abyss before i heard it offers unlimited power and a primordial awakening to all who touch and embody her.

In my experience, it helped me and my maddening obsession with power and all things ascent, a bottomless void where all is possible I see it as the primordial DARK SOUL. i have met quite a few form here who have proven themselves worthy whether it be in simulation or war.

Image result for artorias of the abyss

(I’ve already offered my semen to abbadon, or they ripped it out of me hehe :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::crazy_face::smiling_imp: he/she seemed to really enjoy my sex magick, I guess Lilith and Lucifer taught me well)


Sounds like this Demon can be asked to bring madness and chaos to your enemies, and those in your neighborhood and general physical location that need to be ‘’‘dealt with ‘’’’.
Just one possibility


If you summon this Demon, you might want to keep It’s energy outside of yourself and send it to the appropriate victim, without coming into contact with it’s energy directly.
Unless, of course you can handle it’s effects in and around you.