My very first contact with Lady Lilith

Hello everyone!!

Here lately I’ve been having a LOT or energy spikes, & supernatural feelings around me. Something is trying to manifest yet I don’t know what it is yet

Today I felt like something was off, yet nothing bad happened. I took a walk (without over doing it because my heart is still unfortunately having complications), to try & figure out what it was. When I got near the waterfront I felt my third eye open wide!! My name was called several times by the dark whispers I’ve been getting when I receive this supernatural energy, that give me vauge murmurs of what’s to come, in the form of clues, & short phrases or simple words.

As I continued my walk I had a VERY strong feeling that something was suppose to manifest today but there was something blocking it from happening for me. Then I heard ‘Lady Lilith’ in a form a females voice inside my head.

I decided tonight was going to be the night I answered her call. She has been calling me for quite some time, & she was very quick to call me out on that when I chanted her enn in my room several minutes ago. She was stern but sweet with me. She told me what she wanted from her call out to me, & she offered her help in punishing someone. She noticed that I was still a little nervous to speak with her, & a little reluctant from it.

She had instructed me to also do some more of my own research on her to make me feel better when it comes to working with her, & speaking to her. Lady Lilith has also told me that she expects to see me in Hell tomorrow to help me figure out whom the whispers are coming from & what they want. I’ve got a feeling she already knows but wants to be the one to show who they are which is alright by me. After our communication I felt better. Like part of the block was lifted allowing more of the manifestation to occur & happen. She confirmed that the woman I’m after is mine, & that I need to “Mark my territory” & that she will be mine here soon

I’m not entirely sure why I’m posting this on all honesty. Normally I don’t record my first encounters with demons or angels unless it’s in ritual form. But there’s just this…Need too I suppose you can say.

Nonetheless I greatly appreciated speaking with her. She was a very calming Spirit to speak with, & I enjoyed my conversation with Lady Lilith, & greatly look forward to our workings together.

Infernal blessings to everyone!! Thank you for reading :slight_smile::slight_smile:


I’ll start off with saying that it’s not often that I hear her referred to as Lady Lilith. At any rate, showing Lilith respect is always a very good thing nonetheless. She’s usually calm with me as well. I find it as a good thing either way. Lilith is easily one of the most powerful beings both in my experience and according to much of the readings of books that I’ve read and websites I’ve encountered since diving down the occult rabbit hole. Being in league with Lilith has more reward than one can possibly imagine.


That is wonderful to hear!! I’m still trying to learn all of what she can do!! But hearing that, makes me very excited & pretty happy to be with her good graces, & interest with working with me!!

Do you have any recommendations for books or websites that I could further my learnings about her from?? I have the Qliphoth complete collection book on my Amazon Kindle app, which I stopped reading a while back…I know it has Lilith mentioned in there so I’ll probably start reading it more again

That book has been my go-to since I felt Lilith’s call. I don’t know otherwise in terms of books. Google “Liberated of Lucifer and Lilith”, that was my first website that that I came across during my encounters. Other than that, random website searches usually do the trick. Lilith tends to go for creativity anyways.

The sigil ring that I have that cranks up the feel of Lilith’s presence. At least in my experience.

The sigil ring that is next on my list in order to get and see if it spikes up her presence even more.

1 Like this is an awesome book! I didn’t consider working with her and read it purely for the knowledge but after reading it I realized that Lady Lilith was an even more complex goddess/demoness than I thought and was amazed.

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Thank you so much!!

I really like those rings!! Expensive but powerful!! I’m going to see if there’s an audible version of that book too!!

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Wonderful!! Thank you so much!! I’m also going to see if there’s an audible version of this!!

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You’re always welcome. :slight_smile:

I’m not too certain about an Audible version, but I wouldn’t rule out possibilities either way. As far as the sigil rings go, I wouldn’t say that they’re too expensive. But then again, you can’t put a price on intense connections with Lilith. Not as far as I can tell anyway.

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I’ll look into it for sure!!

I think I’m going to invest in one of those rings though!! I have another post on her coming up!! :slight_smile::slight_smile: I’m very happy to have started to work with her though!!

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I haven’t worked with Lilith much, but she has been very understanding with me

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Nothing wrong with that!!

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