My UPG On The Meaning of Evil

I’ve been spending a lot of time channeling insights and knowledge, and felt like I wanted to share something people might like.

Most occultists I believe have the general idea that morality is not something that should limit us. That it is a human construct and that the spirits do not abide by human ideas of what is good or evil. That good and evil are not something that really exists in the universe as forces, that the spiritual forces are not defined in that way.

Everybody has different boundaries for what they deem acceptable, but most people I believe think that they should wield their power and manifest things regardless of the moral consquences that it has for others. Of course, everyone has different ideas of what they would or would not do with magick.

I just want to put forth my more radical conceptions of good and evil, because society has a lot of conceptions mixed together when they conceive of ethics or good or evil.

Good ultimately is the belief that there is a natural order, a natural moral order to the universe that is placed in there by the highest good or supported by a highest being.

“Evil” ultimately is to act in one’s self interest, pure self interest regardless of whether it is in alignment with the specifically moral order of the universe.

Good and evil is not defined by hurting or helping people, but in how it actually is structured in societies.

As magicians and gods, we should aim for individual freedom and godhood, the ability to define your own life and goals and meanings even if it seems like it is against the order of the universe or even in the face of reality itself.

The definition of Good I provided extends to the moral order of society, but a society I believe is possible is to create a world where individuals are free, liberated of morality and acting in their own self interest without being put in a moral system defined by other human beings. Ultimately, the notion of a “society” is something that has to be overcome, and human beings can live in their own self-interest without needing to hurt each other.

More radically though, godhood should be thought of as existing even to the extent that you overcome the natural order and rules placed in there by the way the omniverse functions, that you should gain power and seek to overcome the limitations and definitions of existence itself. That whatever constraints that are there in “reality” don’t ultimately have to be there.

Ultimately, the goal is to be free from the natural order of any existence, and to live by defining for yourself what your direction should be. You don’t have to serve the whole, you don’t have to think of yourself as just another being in creation that has to exist in accordance with nature.

At least, that’s what my UPG has told me.