My tribute to kali maa

I hope everyone is doing great so today i thought i should share among of my experiences that i had with the Hindu Goddess Kali Maa. It has been a longer period since i have worked with Kali Maa and have written nothing about her till today where i have strong feeling that i should share some of my experiences with her.

My path working with Kali maa started earlier last year i dont remember the exact month but i believe it was around march or April 2019. At the time i was facing some bullying on one of the discord server that i was a member, as many discord servers or some assholes forums there are always those people who feel like they are the GODS OF THE PLACE and everyone else is below them. These kind of people usually manipulate the minds of others to make them think that they are powerful and no one can beat them and others members are weak. I am not here to talk discord server problems NO rather than how few group of assholes can affect other magician on their ascension.

Despite the bullying i was facing i was afraid to stand against these people on fear that if i dare i will be cursed and it will be the end of me. This made me to remain to feel as inferior, weak and my magic is weak that it cant affect anything or anyone. This fear accumulated within me up to the point where it was so strong and i don’t know how to defeat it. The feeling of being inferior poured out up to the point i felt my magic was nothing and no spell that i will do it will bring success. But deep down i knew i had to find the solution, up on my searching is where i came across Baal Kadmon book KALI MANTRA MAGIC
I decided to read the book and honestly i felt this is what i needed daaaaamnnnn i did the mantra chanting and meditations to Kali Maa and on several occasions i was able to sense her fierce presence during my meditations.

I admit at first when i was working with her, her presence was very fierce and volatile, she behaved very chaotic i guess maybe this was to test my strength as if i am really committed to work with her (its just my assumptions and i never asked her why she behaved like that at first) but later as i progressed she was more calm and behave like a mother to me. She was gentle, calm and really committed to help me.

Though people love to see her chaotic side but they fail to see her motherly side the Goddess has, and i can testify she is among of the Best Goddess mother i have worked with.

To summarize my experience, it was through her mentoring i was able to face my internal fears and stand up to those who bully me, it was through her that i was able to perform my first curse without fear and develop my baneful magic abilities up to the point where i feared NONE and as long as you have wronged me despite your title, expect something in return :blush: and it was also through her she taught me the discipline on how to perform and use baneful magic without having any counter effects on my side.

And among of the greater power that i can mention on public it was the ability to differentiate the illusion and the reality. This can sound so simple but is the basic of many workings from perfecting intuition, psychic ability, divination, spirit communication and alot much more.

She has changed alot in my life and during my workings with her i faced alot of things that i feared but the rewards was immense that till today i will look and say THAT WAS KALI MAA WORK

I encourage for those people who really wants to work with her to do/ follow this;

  1. Whatever fear you may have towards her leave it out, open up yourself and receive her with open arms.

  2. Put the books and other peoples personal experience behind you, i don’t mean you shall not consider them NO but open up the road for your own experiences with Kali Maa.

  3. Be respectful, but importantly be very committed and responsible when you work with her.

  4. Though the fear of unknown will be there as you don’t know what things in your life will be taken away or what will be kept and what other things will be modified but don’t let it stop your workings. As the world may seem to turn upside down but the rewards after that will be immerse.

  5. And last thing not all people who worked with her had to face dramatic things in their lives, and you may be one of those people. So stand up and get your ass to work.

With all that being said, Hail Maa Kali may your name remain forever

Blessed be,


Are u from a Hindu background?

Kali is awesome!!


Not at all. I know most people from the Indian culture don’t agree foreigners to work on their system of spirituality but that really didn’t stop me.


जय माता दी

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