My Triangle of Art(and how it works)

Over the course of my absence I uncovered a crystal technology I feel would be especially helpful to evocationary and even invocationary works.

With the simple use of three Smoky Quartz pillars, a small photo stand, and sigils of your anointing, my triangle is easy to use and is built with anti-binding methodology, aiding the spirit rather than trapping it like in the Solomonic method.

Smoky Quartz is very adaptable but its dark color aids in drawing energy in and allowing it to gain momentum, building a foundation for the spirit to manifest itself of intense energetic feeling. When three of these crystal towers are placed in a triangular shape, it aids in creating a powerful gateway and a way for the spirit to build its power in your space for optimal communion and ritual. I will usually either place a talisman of the sigil in-between the crystals or draw it out with various sacred numbers, planets, and names. I have found it can amplify your ability at invocation and focus during ritual as well.

If anyone has a crystal technology that is similar to mine, I’d love to hear about it! I like to test put crystal technology.


Sounds like a crystal grid! I’d recommend you look into them.

Sometimes I do this, I make a crystal grid of select stones of the entities’ preferences or in their color. You can draw the sigil large enough and place stones on key points of the sigil as well. My sigils are usually in the center of the crystals and occasionally other objects. For me that’s the whole point of the altar space and its aesthetic: the alignment and placement is a grid that helps channel. Not just crystals but the placement of the candles, incense, etc. I don’t always do this, but enough to make note of.

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