My third eye?

Hii so recently ive been getting alot of pain in the middle of my forehead and i think it might have something to do with my third eye. I looked into it a little bit but still don’t understand it (im slow lol) i don’t do any magick (well not yet once things settle down for me) i have been doing some meditations and sometimes my forhead hurts when im doing that aswell. i hoping someone can explain that this third eye does and why its hurting in the first place. Thank you xoxoxo (ps its actually hurting right now as im writing this )

Go to see the doctor. Something similar happened to me but it was a slight pressure. If I focus on anything, it goes away and I’m not aware. A lot of pain is something different, it shouldn’t hurt.

i would see a doctor but yk the virus is kind of in the way LOL