My Thanks to Dantalion (warning, long)

New here still, and a bit new to working with demons in general but I am simply stunned by the great Duke. This post is part of my offerings to him, as I promised but even if I hadn’t, I’d still be posting cause I’m simply amazed.

A couple weeks ago I was recommended a book based on my Kindle reading history, Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove. I read it in a single sitting, and made a dozen+ notes about which demons to work with, but I felt a little “pull” when I got to Dantalion’s section. I made another note by his sigil, then made myself wait and think for a while before I did anything so I wouldn’t be too hasty. I have been having issues in my relationship, mainly with trusting my boyfriend(there have been times in the past where he’s hidden things from me) and issues with my confidence, anxiety, and the PTSD I carry from a past abusive relationship. I have been through therapy, but I still felt a lot of anxiety and fear of confrontation, and it was negatively affecting me not just in my relationship, but at work and in life too. I tend to let people walk all over me, I tolerate too much, and I generally live in fear of being hurt again. I didn’t know if it would be right to speak to him before the ritual, but I couldn’t get him out of my mind so I kind of whispered to him that I felt like he was calling me, and if so could he give me a sign.

I’ve done a lot of reading on here, and I read in one post that dandelions are connected to him. Well, the next day after I spoke to him, I opened Youtube at work like usual(I’m lucky to have a job where I can watch videos while I work lol) and was recommended a video with dandelions in the name. I got a little shiver. Was that his doing? Then the day after that I was listening to a comedy podcast on the way to work, and the host mentioned picking dandelions. I didn’t feel like it was a coincidence anymore, I hadn’t so much as thought about dandelions since I was a kid, yet here are random mentions of them right after I ask Dantalion for a sign.

The ritual itself was a bit rushed. I wanted to do some more planning and figure out some decent offerings before I did it, but the perfect time presented itself before I was fully ready. I read that he likes sandalwood incense, tea, and fish, and as I was getting ready to go see my boyfriend last Saturday my mom randomly decided to bring me some salmon. It almost felt like he was poking me in the back, like “Ok, come on, lets get on with it!”

I set up the offerings and lit the incense, and went through with the invocation. I offered him the fish, the incense, some tea, a post on here, and my love & devotion. As I chanted his enn, the smoke from the incense went from wafting upward to rolling directly over the fish & the tea. I took that to mean he liked it. I didn’t see him, but I certainly felt him. Chills ran up my back, an atmospheric change took place in the room, and a profound sense of quiet strength washed over me. I asked him to please show me the truth about my relationship, and make me stronger. After I concluded the invocation I thanked him, then ate the fish and drank the tea for him while the incense finished burning. I put everything out of my mind and went to my boyfriend’s.

I spent several days with the BF, and the whole time I felt a massive difference. No longer did I feel meek and nervous, but I felt completely calm and strong. BF has a tendency to get a bit snippy when he’s stressed, not verbally abusive or anything, but his voice gets an edge to it and normally that sort of thing overpowers me mentally. But the one time his voice got an edge to it over the weekend, my own voice matched his. That’s NEVER happened before. I didn’t get scared, I didn’t get that tremor of anxiety in my stomach that I always get. I just felt like, I can handle this. I told him there’s no reason to get snippy, and HE shut up and apologized to me. I tend to feel a big power imbalance whenever I’m in a relationship(probably due to my past abuse), and it causes me to back down pretty much all the time whenever there’s conflict. But now, I almost feel dominant. It’s weird and wonderful.

The rest of the weekend went well, and I felt completely at peace the whole time. I didn’t see any evidence of any more secrets between BF & I, but that’s still sort of a work in progress. But the immediate change with that is- previously I would have felt devastated to find out he’d kept anything from me, and I would have forgiven things I shouldn’t just to salvage the relationship b/c I felt like I needed him. But now I feel like if I do find out anything else, I’ll just be done and walk away. I’ll be fine and happy on my own. I have never felt this strong in my life. I feel so much more confident in my abilities at work too. The ex that left me with PTSD- he works where I work and before this, I was terrified of running into him. Now, I almost look forward to it so I can laugh in his face. This is a bit crude, but I feel like my well of f**ks has run dry, where previously it was overflowing. Thank you, Duke Dantalion. From the bottom of my heart and soul.

One last fun little tidbit- yesterday when I got home from BF’s house I was relaxing watching one of those ghost shows, “A Haunting” I think, and the episode was about a family being tormented by spirits that they suspected a witch of siccing on them. During the dramatization, they showed a girl with comically bad goth makeup drawing pentagrams in a graveyard, saying “I summon you, demon! By the power of your name, Dantalion!” It took me by such surprise. I laughed out loud, and I swear I heard him ever so faintly laughing with me. It was so cheesy and terrible, it went on to show some southern sheriff talking about the eeeeevil of demons and mispronouncing the Duke’s name, but I took the sudden mention of him on this show that I’ve watched for years as another sign that he was with me.

Anyway, I’ve written enough of a novel here. I’m gushing a bit, but I’m just so happy to have found him.


I’m so happy you found sych great success and courage bouncing back from that isn’t easy if your doing it alone I was in your shoes abusive ex’s but I’m extremely happy for you I feel like jumping for joy for you lol any way i miss talking with lord dantalion…he us a great everything lol just try not to fall in love he has that power to chat anyone lol jk I believe he wants to continue your work with him so I’d take that offer just ask him and you will know the answer

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What a wonderful story, thanks for sharing!! Dantalion is such a joy to work with, I’m glad you were able to connect with him.:cherry_blossom: