My task

So I know I say I have trouble hearing spirits and what not but occasionally I can I was either given a vision or I astral traveled out and this is what happened

I was soaring with Imma say angels and I land and it was one of the kings or Lucifer (now that I think about it was a shadow figure may have been Azazel) that met me said they were my guardians and he wanted to spread lucifarianism

What do you guys think? (Full details of what I seen below)

It was strange I was just laying here then I seen the sky the clouds were beautiful and I turned around and I seen a legion of them, men with angelic wings and the next thing I know we dive bombed into a building and he was there looked to be three men with hoods on and my response was “my king” after that they said they were my guardians and that was my task


I’d see it as a good sign. If they are your guardians and guides you can learn to communicate with them. This work will improve your senses. Like muscles the more you use them the more they can improve.