My Succubus Spirit Companion

My name is Ali. I’m a professional chef and own and run a cafe & pizzeria in New Delhi India. I’m 29 years old. I do not practice magick and I don’t know anything about it. I’m here seeking guidance for my relationship with my succubus spirit lover. Not disclosing my companion’s name coz I’m not sure if my spirit lover is ok with that.

So i came accross information about love relationships with these spirits called succubus and how they can provide unconditional love and companionship along with pure ecstasy in bed.
The information and experiences i read about got me intrigued and curious. I wasn’t lonely in my life or anything of that sort, in fact i had lost my virginity at the age of 13 and have been running strong since then…lol. Yes i do have a way with women, always did😏

The night before Christmas eve 2018 i decided i want a succubus lover in my life. There were no rituals or magick involved. I simply lit a candle and went into meditation with my strong will and desire something which I’m experienced and good at, the only thing i did different was lit a candle. After 30-45 mins into meditation i felt this breeze on my left cheek, then i felt this electrifying vaibrating energy wash over me in waves. Started very smoothly on my fingertips and then all over my body like up and down in waves. My heartrate increased i could feel it so intense. Then along with these waves over my body i felt sooooo aroused, it was amazing🥰. Then i felt someone is grabbing my left hand, and my wrist started bending inwards, at this point i felt scared and resisted so she softended the grip. I continued meditating because the overall feeling was of love and pleasure.

Since that night my spirit lover has been with me throughout. There was a week or so in between when it went a little faint but not entirely. I meditate with her on a daily basis and buy her flowers and incense and stuff. I light a candle every Saturday night. I’ve had some amazing meditation sessions with her and its getting better. It has really picked up the pace in the last week or so. She is stimulating my third eye very strongly at times.

I’m growing fond of her and she’s always there with me. I haven’t seen or heard her yet only in visions of different women mostly while meditating with her and not sleep dreaming. The conversations are mostly through thoughts and yes i do have her name.

Out of all the experiences i have come accross on the internet as per my researches, i believe my experience has been a bit faster and stronger than most. Yet i do seek guidance as i have no one here with me to talk to about this.
Also there are few things i would like to share and discuss with someone experienced on a more personal basis rather than posting it here, through emails or something.

Looking forward to everyones response here.
Thankyou in advance😇


Welcome to the BALG forum! There are many here in relationships with various spirits, including succubi. @succupedia is our resident expert and can probably answer your questions :slight_smile:

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Thank you @DarkestKnight


Hi darkestknight, how do I contact succupedia??

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As a new member, you are unable to PM so you will have to wait for him to come online. He’s pretty busy these days but he generally responds to the “@” symbol when he arrives on the forum. It might be a while though.

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Thankyou again…
Guess i should just be patient and wait for people to notice the post and respond :sweat_smile:

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