My Succubus Journey

I first tried buying a binded vessel on ebay March of last year as I was too afraid to summon one myself. The vessel came, I did the welcoming ritual the seller told me to do and that night I had a strange dream and I saw a beautiful woman with red eyes stare at me up close. I was so excited when I woke up I kept my vessel with me. It was a ring. The ring just disappeared, I tried looking for it everywhere but couldn’t find it.
I then purchased a second vessel on ebay, did the welcoming ritual amd nothing happened. I then tried purchasing a binding service on creepyhollows where they would bind the succubus to me and again nothing happened.
I saw a listing on ebay from a seller offering services where they can provide you with an image of any entities attached to you. Seller’s listing had a scary looking picture of a blue woman on it. Weeks had passed from when I saw that listing and I had a strange dream where I saw the blue woman from the listing. I woke up, went to my phone and searched for that listing. I paid for her services and seller contacted me asking what I needed help with. I told her I had a succubus and I wanted to know if she was still with me as I haven’t felt her presence in a while. I gave seller the name of my succubus and said she would try and make contact. She reached out to me afterwards and told me I had three succubus attached to me who were very upset and they wanted me to know that they were not items I can simply purchase. I couldn’t believe what I was told. I didn’t disclose that buy it was true. Seller recommended a ritual unbinding and releasing all 3 of my succubuses. Seller also provided me with the image that she saw, which shocked me because it was the woman I saw in my dream… I did the ritual and threw away the vessel from my second purchase. I tried for months trying to get these ladies to visit me but nothing. I live in an apartment so I’ve been afraid to do the letter of intent method for fear of setting off the sprinklers on ceiling.
A month ago I prayed to Lilith before bed. Figured it was worth a shot. I woke up in the middle of the night as I felt a step on my bed next to my head then a second step on the other side of my head. Then I couldn’t move. I was turned on my back and mounted. I tried to resist at first but felt like I was bit on my side and then it felt like a tongue entering me from my hip area. I theb felt so much joy and excitement. I got lost in pleasure and had an intense orgasm. I was then put back to my side and fell back asleep. I woke up in the morning not sure if I was dreaming it or not and check my body for marks. I had some weird marks where I was but but not quite sure what they are or if I could have gotten them prior without noticing.
The following night, I prayed again to Lilith thanking her for sending one of her daughters to me and asking for her daughter to come back to me. I laid in bed and again there were steps on my bed. I was again immobile and turned on my back. This time as I was mounted, I felt fingers intertwine with mine. It felt more intimate. I asked her if she could come back again and what I got as a response was, “oh, you can see me?” and she left.
I haven’t had another encounter since, but I pray to Lilith each night in the hopes that one day, her daughter visits me again.
Well that’s been my succubus journey so far. I wanted to share it with someone who won’t think I’m crazy. If you’ve read this far, I thank you for your time.


Wow, this sounds like an incredible experience. I didn’t understand if you had sleep paralysis when you experienced the touches from the succubus.

As for conjurers, I don’t know what to think. I had also bought such binding services, all from vendors with good reviews, even on creepyhollows. After weeks of not being able to have contact (apart from one / two nights that I dreamed of a woman), I contacted a trusted esoteric practitioner, and I asked him to tell me if I had spirits around me. To my surprise, he told me that there was nothing around me, so I just don’t know what to think. Perhaps the letter method is the only effective one.

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I wouldn’t call it sleep paralysis because I knew I was awake. I don’t know how to explain it, I couldn’t move.

Can please PM me the link of this seller

I know exactly what you are going through. I’ve been having encounters with Succubi since April 2023 and your post encouraged me to maybe tell my own story. Thanks for sharing.