My Strange Addiction - A Journal of The Turd Stealer

Put on sexy music and dance, and you won’t feel shitty I assure you

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Did a ritual on Zeus last night along with a flop ritual to Odin (in which I will redo tonight)

Felt power and bravery, and got some assignment from him. Apparently if I dont complete these homeworks I won’t get into the next stage haiz

Did the odin ritual. 3rd eye buzzing and heavy. Body is really tired, feeling nauseated almost puke

Did some possession work with Poseidon. My body hurts like hell and super sore, but it was worth it :+1:

meditate too hard on Odin i think my 3rd eye kinda hurt

got a new protection book, gonna read and try to implement it to my current shield

Invoked Hades. Talking about initiation. He keeps telling me to do it when I’m 100% sure and ready and now I’m getting cold feet

So basically I’ve been Initiated to the “first sphere” of greek pathworking for awhile, but jusy recently initiated to Poseidon and he gave me a sigil that’s a key to a gateway and IDK how to open it I’ve tried many things asdfghhuu this frustrated me

Also my sleeping problem is getting worse and i have a broken heart (for a good reason)

And now suddenly got a big urge to evoke Beezelbub but im occupied enough but I can hear him calling argh what to do

Got a full manifestation of Poseidon while evoking…im so happy I can’t even

Morale: dont doubt urself

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What is life without love
But with a broken heart
How does one feel loved?

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opened a key and now got a new key…but not sure if its the correct key yet…or if its a key…its so confusing lorde

Got another sigil slash key…but for once I am excited af. This is my calling i can feel it

Hail Kronos

Baby I will piece it together with super glue,
Then put it in it’s place out of blue,
Then kiss in Your forehead and your eyes,
And then what I am gonna do, U have no clue.

Just don’t call ur lawyer after that, to sue.

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Imma shout RAPE

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Been taking a short break but I did a crossroad ritual today and have to do it for another 2 nights…We’ll see if it works

yikes some entity or parasite (most likely the former) break into my wards and wakes me up and want to wrap me with its tentacle…thanks lorde for LBRP. Wonder what it wants from me or where it came from. inb4 from crossroad

:joy::rofl::joy: Sure it wasn’t UR ex?

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