My Strange Addiction - A Journal of The Turd Stealer

Hi. I will post my journal here, in hope that my stuff might help people.

I’ve decided to summon/evoke Aphrodite this week (possibly Thursday) so glgl me


I was modding a game for 12 hours then decided to go to sleep. I was at a state of half sleeping when suddenly i feel a great presence in my room. I didn’t open my eyes because I know what kind of presence it is. Maybe I was scared, idk. After awhile I’m on sleep paralyze mode. I was getting more scared but idk what to do. I use the same old pussy ass solution aka praying to loljesus. The presence become more and more close to me and it feels commanding, like they don’t like me praying but the prayer doesn’t affect them. I pretended to sleep and ignore this spirit/entity but then after awhile, im back to my halfsleep state and i felt a touch. Pretty sure it was sex but in all honesty it doesn’t feel as wonderful as what others has write here. Maybe its a me problem.

Anyways still motivated to learn more of these stuff. I’m still in schedule to evoke Aphrodite this week in hope she teach me how to be confident and i want her to get me in love ASAP with someone who qualify to be my bf

No, im not Christian, im atheist,i don’t believe jesus exists
In case you’re wondering why i pray to Jesus, its because i was thought to do that since child so i did it on impulse


Gave some offerings to Aphrodite tonight because I keep getting delayed on summoning her. I hope she takes my offering and forgive me. I even had a letter written > <

Do you give tarot readings?

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Sure just PM me


Idk how. My question is basically,
“What is my next step for spiritual ascension?” What’s holding me back, what do i need to work on, that kind of question. :slight_smile: thank you!


I’m curious about what game you were modding :slight_smile:


I’ll pm you when morning come cus im too lazy to get out of bed rn

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I was modding a werewolf/mafia/slasher game on another forum :smiley: was p fun
(I still don’t know if this forum has a forum game section where i can mod werewolf game if people are interested, that would be pretty fun)

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That’s fucking rad… I used to play a vampire role-playing game on some sort of forum. I love the text based games like that.

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Me too! Hopefully we can host one in here soon xd

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Tried summoning/evoking Aphrodite just now. Doesn’t feel anything and i forgot to buy incense so its my fault :cry:

But i sent a Letter of Intent to her hopefully she’ll read it and take it upon reconsideration


I like to write letters to the beings I work with, too.


I write 2 pages back to back :^)


Sent a letter to Apollo

I’ve decided to work with these two atm

Tomorrow gonna buy some incense and try again



Haven’t updated this thread for awhile. I did some stuff etc but too lazy to write it here.

I do tried to summon zeus, just few minuted ago and used the 4 pennies divination. My first time trying it so it might be bad :zimbabwe:

Q&A using 4 pennies divination

  1. Zeus are you here with me
    2 head 2 tails
  2. Zeus do you know I’ve been trying to evoke you
    4 heads
  3. Zeus will I ever successfully evoked you
    4 heads
  4. Zeus will you take me under your wings when I successfully evoked you
    2 heads 2 tails
  5. In the future, will I work with a greek entity and will that entity took me under their wings
    3 heads 1 tail
  6. Zeus why wouldn’t you give me 4 heads when I asked you about taking me under your wings, do I already know the answer to that question?
    1 head 3 tails

Gonna try again tomorrow most likely

Which sigil should I use to evoke him? I tried using his Planetary symbol, but it doesn’t feel right. I might try using his pentagram

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Evoked Zeus, Shax and Archangel Barakiel. Archangel didn’t answer to my call/my evocation was bonker.

Talked with Shax and Zeus for a bit with 4 pennies divination. I’m 100% lost my claire that can feel entity because im literally feel empty and lost, and its just one with blockage as a whole

Good to be back on track though, baby steps

Love the thread! Keep up the good work!

I haven’t seen a lot of evocation of Greek deities. I am keenly interested.

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I feel happiness. I haven’t feel like this in a long long time. I can’t describe it. I can’t stop smiling and crying from joy. I don’t know why I feel so happy. I think I knew, I just don’t want to say it outloud.

Finally, I am not alone. Maybe I was never alone, but right now I knew I’m not alone. No one can describe the amount of relief I got just from knowing this information. And I know magick is real. Fuck. I can’t stop smiling.

There’s no moment more magical than the moment you realized everything you believe in are true.

BIG THANKS, again I cannot stop thanking you guys, I’m so sorry it’s getting annoying:
Poseidon (I know you helped me!)

You guys have my outmost gratitude. I wouldn’t be here without you.

P.S. i know i promised to give offerings today but I sadly overselpt xd so I lit incense each to your name as a token of my tardiness. I will give offerings tomorrow <3


I feel like that but I also feel weirdly shitty

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