My Story

I decided to tell you here after much reluctance to start my magic (I’m still a beginner), with the right to my stupid ones too, have patience, maybe the post will be long, advice is welcome and I hope it helps someone too!!!

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Let’s start from the beginning, kkkk (jokes the part we’re going to). About 4 years ago I got into a crap situation with a stupid guy (he was already involved with magic and a pink cross adept, that’s what I got into magic the only positive point of this relationship, but not soon in the first moment I started my practices this year).

I believed in church things, though I was never a practicing person, after fucking with a person who probably used magic to manipulate my mind and stay for days and days begging for the help of the Christian god and not listening to anything but a void, I decided to kick everything and start practicing magic.I looked in the list of 72 who could help me and I decided to call the prince seere, a little insecure and maybe a little rushed to solve my situation I did my first ritual.It was bad I could hardly call him and talk about my goals, I found that I was doing everything wrong and that he was not the right one to help me, I ignored him and thought about calling someone else and I did it (now comes my biggest stupidity).

It came in my mind who? King Paimon, and I’ll call him, my first attempt to evoke him was a failure. It was during the day, I read somewhere that he was of the day, I put candle, incense, wine I tried and I started to sing his enn, it did not work, I lost the concentration, I got angry and I destroyed some drafts of secrecy from him that I had done before and threatened to destroy the official secrecy that gave me a job to do and had until It was cool (before I had tried to invoke him)

I’ll summarize it not to be too long, I destroyed his sigil with an electric saw and then burned it all because I thought I was going crazy and that he was not the right guy either and that I had done wrong to try to call him my haste to solve my situation I was looking for an immediate and objective answer).

Now I’m having blocking for evocations and I suspect it’s him to give me a lesson (something like you will not evolve until it resolves with me, I think that’s more I can be wrong). In my opinion if a person threatened me and after I destroyed my name I would do something about it, I think he is cursing me to the last generation, but I recognize my mistake I was very stupid and I’m willing to apologize to him, if he wants to, and still I have a fix for him unbelievable, well I know it was my extremely summarized history. Councils and maybe some help from those who are working with him are welcome!!!

Sorry for my english run down, I hope you get a little understanding at least. As I said before advices are very welcome and if there is someone there that works with king paimon and can ask him if he is willing to receive my apology I am very grateful, thank you to everyone who.