My start with the first gatekeeper - Belial

@Xag_darklight i have the Book but because of copyright is the link from Google. Please reply if you can see it.

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i can thank you.

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You’re welcome :sun_with_face:

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hey! I love your experience, it’s so detailed and your journey is extremely awesome. also I love all the advices you put into this thread.

I’m curious though about this incantation. I’m still new to all this and I’m having this problem with parasites… and when I saw this I was so thrilled, but I’m not quite sure how I should apply it.

so my question is: do I have to do something else beside meditating and chanting this incantation? like… do I also have to visualise the parasites being killed?
sorry if my question seems dumb lol.

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simply saying the words will not work,we first need to understand the power of concious speaking and spelling,every word is a spell and a power command.
The Gateway into the magick world that you can enter through falling into the gateway that it is right there in front of you which is knowladge of magick and what you truly are which is indeed god,the supreme being.
this is like switching the levers and pushing the buttons inside of you,this is changing your perception into god and then you can truly become it in the later years,but as a beginner you need to play with changing your perceptions into more powerful ones or if you truly need to say the words of command that you quoted then this what you need to do.

let yourself fall into the power and the knowldge that you are god,hold that knowledge and wisdom in you,then see the words in front of you,maybe in your phone or visualise them in the air or whatever you need to see them and feel them,these words in the tongue of the supreme are literal commands that command everything around.then you speak them feeling each word changing and commanding realities inside of you in so doing you change the outer reality.


This is amazing…that line said by Belial is incredible…could you possibly try and translate it…next time you invoke him…?Thanks for sharing :+1:t2::+1:t2: yes opening your heart to the spirits and building a bond…with them is significant.

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True :+1:t2::+1:t2: All the best for your work with Belial

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thank you!!! :revolving_hearts:

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It is my very pleasure!

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Check the first track of my first ever dark ambient album,this dedicated to belial


BUMP. note to self as i am finishing this pathworking,
I did and still doa great job in my pathworking,I lived nine lives and died many more I could say that i reached rock bottom too but theres no bottom in the bottomless pit,so take your sword or trident and be a draconian lion.
Belial Did not lie,Thank you Belial.


110th post / 111 (yours)

and now this post making 111/111

from the past of months before i was led here today to reach the lionhearted hearted message.

i will destroy my weakness, cleanse my blockages, and triumph over everything in life, for i will become a draconian lion, thank you for the most beautiful synchro and gnosis

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