My spiritual and natural life insight

okay, I’ve spent a longtime living both lives at once, but this only has been occurring when asleep, no surprise there. through the progress i can say, that the majority of this in-between has been known already. but i hear some people don’t have much info on the daily life of a human wife to an ubi and their offspring. so here is a small portion to led your further interest. my ubi and i have been under many roofs belonging to either him or his family, (he seems to have a tendency for change lol.) he was in the process recently of getting his GED ( ik what ur thinking …whaa??.) spirits as I’ve learned have many of the same systems as we do here, as he progressed, he’d been given money for Acing the shit out of his collage work. ( lots of cash) more than any human can count. so that and then him trying to put my stubborn ass in his school system. Which he wouldn’t take a No or many other future planned attempts of escape to force any change of mind. all i can say on that is his school changes a lot lol including the work. my babies are indeed growing fast sadly but luckily, he allows me to participate with them and stuff. lastly, we attend church but nothing Christian about it though he tries a bit, knowing it may hurt him. And when his gone he has two particular guards or family members to hospitalizes me and the kids. his also shown me other interesting things about his world but there’s a lot lol. does anyone have their experiences you would like to add.?\ if you have any questions plz do ask.\ I’d also would like to learn more about the ubi transformation process just curious…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:oh and the bad i can take from all of this is 2 things, sometimes not knowing certain event or something that had occurred until in subconscious form or when reminded and then when ubi is gone for long term or even short I feel pushy or overly anxious to get back his attention towards me.

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