My spirit Guide

When I first found my passion for the Thoth tarot, I shortly discovered and met my spirit guide, “Moon.” She’s a big part in my life and tarot reading. If a spirit I made contact with cannot answer a certain question, I’ll draw the “High Priestess” or 95% of the time “The Moon.” Which then I’ll dismiss the spirit and finish my ritual with her at my side. My sister is getting a divorce and I predicted it three weeks ago before it happened. She came back for another reading. I had Sastan join us to read. After a couple questions, I drew my guide, “Moon.” So I told my sister “she has the answers Sastan doesn’t have.”
Recently, I had recyclables to take (not a lot, but wanting to get them out of the house), and I invoked Lukorst the wealth spirit to help give me a great amount of money. I drew “Change.” I was like, change what. Next card I drew was “Moon.” So I already knew, “OK, she has something to say.” I dismissed Lukorst, took Moon out, and meditated on a Pagan sigil I found on google. When charged, I asked her if I should ask a wealth demon to intervene. I drew 9 of Swords, Cruelty. I took that as a no. I asked her, what is your advice for me. I drew “the Hermit” and “Happiness.” Basically, she was telling me to just go, and be happy with what I get. So I did.
I only had 4 small bags of plastic, but still ended up getting $70.00 for it! It’s things like this that constantly happen daily. I am so humbled and amazed at this power. People may joke and make fun of us, but this is real. Magick is real folks. My wife is a witness to everything that daily goes on and she has a new respect for this gift I have. She has power over financial means, inner wisdom, love, reducing anxiety and stress. I talk to demons but only if she says it’s OK. I trust her and so far, everything is going great in my occult journey.
Do any of you have any similar experiences with your spirit guide?

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