My Spanish spell for the traveling soul travelers:

Spell to cut ones vocal cords:

Reverte: pronunciation: Rah-Ver-tay

Description: Tis a short chant to cut someone’s foe or enemies vocal cords forever,

How to use it: with wand/or index & middle fingers: FYI most recommended in use in the soul planes aim the tip top of your wand/fingers at the victims throat and scream😱Reverte!!! But the victims head must be raised high up as if their looking towards the starry fulfilled skies🌌aim towards their lower throat and in results the magic being cast shall be silvery streaks of blinding lights Entering the victims throat, and the spell shall cause the victim to scream until their vocal cords snap and I mean all of them, this would be most useful and recommended in soul traveling and the astral realms, in the physical realms, not quite, sure??? I haven’t tested this spell but I always found myself to create spells from the astral and soul realms, so next time y’all soul travel please try my spell the next time a parasitic entity or Thought form decides to give you any trouble, another thing not sure if this spell works though it’s just something that my subconscious called towards me to type down, but do let me know what happens when you use this spell in self defense in the soul planes.
And do tell it in a story as well, Multiverse Blessings.

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