My Soul's Origin and Identity

In a trance meditation, I desired so deeply to know who I am out of my body and where it is that I come from. I asked out in the open as I saw darkness cloud over my vision. I saw the letters eunuciate /ˈviːnəs/ and spelled out Venus for me. There was nothing there until I began to percieve a faint glowing circle appear before me. Deep within the center of the circle was blackness and it rimmed a golden orange light.

This was an Invocation to my God form.

I looked into this black sun until what I heard next was a faint gentle voice say the name Amon Ra. I saw other planets such as Jupiter and Saturn with symbols of their astrology sign passing through. I knew this was all being spoken to me in symbolism. I’ve done my research and concluded that Jupiter is a morning star twinned next to the planet Venus which can be sought in sky together. Venus is the female aspect of Heylel (Lucifer) and Jupiter is a Roman God known in other pantheons as Zeus who is also equated to the Egyptian God Ra.

In another mediation visual, I saw the Egyptian name Hathor come through along with the image of the black Sun. The black Sun is also another symbolism for the meaning of the darkness center of the Sun as well as my last incarnation in ancient Egypt as a women with short black hair beautiful copper skin, decked in jewelry and a white dress. It strucked me odd at first. Venus is also equivalent to Aphrodite and Hathor. Hathor is the wife and mother of Sun God Ra.
It was as if I was being led and guided to the knowledge what I truly am.

This I do believe from the bottom of my heart because many years ago, I had a dream I was Venus herself with beautiful porcelain skin and long golden hair down to my waist. I radiated beauty and sensuality all about me. I was in luxurious bathroom and was going to bathe myself in a beautiful tub. Two fishermen were desperately trying to get their hands on me, to capture me away. I jumped out of the window bathroom and ran to canal only to transform into a fish.
This is all very synchronous to what a lot of things have been happening to me lately, hence the reason I joined this forum. Will write more in another topic.


I had a life in Egypt as a priest of Amon Ra in this life I am mixed with ancestry from Egypt who also followed Amon Ra. Though I remember a few of my lives through the course of my personal introspection. Though I came to find I had nothing to learn from them but it did backtrack me to my “soul’s origins” which helped a lot.

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Yes, it seems many were incarnated in this glorious era, the times when humanity’s conciousness was at its peak. Its good to hear more experiences about that.

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Interesting. I heard as well that Heylel (Lucifer) was incarnated within Amon Ra (The Hidden Sun). Surely there is a sacred bloodline of him

In some interpretations, she was also considered the daughter of Ra, the gentler aspect of Sekhmet and the wife of Horus.

I wish I could experience anything similar. I’ve always been extremely curious about my origins, but I just suck. Can’t do anything except meditate (in which state I can’t see shite by the way). Can’t astral project, can’t lucid dream etc.

Personally I don’t believe Ra has a mother, as the primordial God of the sun he, aten, amun, and such are considered the same being meaning he emerged from the primordial chaos of Nun, but then in some faiths Nun is an actual being so I suppose one could see that as the mother/father of Ra. Hathor in some views are the sister and/or counterpart of Sekhmet and daughters of Ra as his eyes he sends to punish.

That is true. I believe sekhmet is the destroyer aspect of Hathor. Years ago I believe I mediated once and asked who was my primary guide and Horus came through.

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Keep trying, desire it with all your heart as you meditate,
listen and open your mind freely. I know that may sound silly, but it has to be out of pure intent to want to know something like this.

You see, that’s where this all gets a little tricky. Most of the Egyptian Gods are representing one another. Like they are almost all the same. Nuit represents as Goddess of the sky who is mostly symbolized with the cow. Hathor has the horns of a cow and also called a sky deity but mostly of the milky way galaxy hence the cow horns she wears. She is later identified with Isis and equivalent to Ishtar/Innana and Astarte. All are fertility based Goddess. :wink:

Yeah mythology tends to try and link quite a few deities together by a single thread of association which is usually a reach on some scholars. In mythology however, Ishtar was a wife of Set, Hathor is said to also have had a thing with Set but short lived as opposed to Ishtar. Aset wife and sister of Osiris due to Osiris cult rising in political power Aset started to take over associations of other Goddesses and Osiris took over as the saint of Egypt however, Horus and Set’s cults predate Osiris’s so it’s mostly political associations brought on by the dominating power.

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