My soul travel journey

I thought i would start a journal of my soul travel experiences, travels, conversations, and general work this would be an indepth look at what i have planned as far as my next work over the course of the next few months or perhaps years


My experience tonight was one from the creation portion of the course.

I was sitting and watching a movie “boyka undisputed” and during the course of the movie i wanted to try and create something out of nothing to imprint into the astral.

Here it is: my reports might be short but to the point.

I flattened my left hand palm up and i visualized energy free flowing much like a live spider web that fluctuates and expands and retracts as it is being formed into my hand. I had felt intense heat in my palm as this happened. The formless energy whirling around in my palm waiting for me to imprint upon it so i decided to imprint a stack of 100 dollar bills i had googled the image of the 100 bill earlier as a reference just so im prepared as the bills formed into the stack i had felt the compressed energy and “heat” intensify in my left hand as i struggled to hold the image the energy went up my left arm into my back tricep muscle which as im writing this im still feeling the dull pain.

I continued watching my movie, and decided to keep forming the manifestation in my left hand once it seemed to hit the apex of what i was trying to create i simply blew lightly on my left hand as if dust was there and sent it out into the astral.

I continued with the right hand; same process and then with both hands conjointly. The same result minus the dull pain was the result of my right hand, yet when i used my left hand and my right hand the same dull pain returned even now as i write this my joints seemed inflamed on my left arm down to my wrist.

To be continued. But this is what happened with the creation portion.

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I downloaded this image to tell this portion of my journey. I soul traveled into the casual plane and my guide was 99% similar to this image above this text. He guided me up to the top of a mountain and spoke to me about the causal plane which i was projected too currently he showed me the landscape on top of this small mountain and the sky was that of a crimson red/pink colour fluctuating going back and forth inbetween vibrant colours i lost all sense of my physical body at this point continuing to follow my guide he brought me to another portion of the causal plane and at this junction of my journey i fell back into my body.

Interestingly enough i was tired and i fell asleep and only slept for about two hours still just as tired as when i was projecting. I saw my mother and midgets ( i hate midgets. Liget fear overtook my body) after i saw the reasonably small man i went onto a couch and hid underneath some covers. At some point afterwards i saw this reasonably small man walk towards me and i RAN out of the door; another interesting thing that happened if i remember correctly is everything SLOWED DOWN once i took about 6 steps to the door and once i hit the outside everything was at a crawl.

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Today i felt compelled to soul travel to the mental plane after watching section 9&10 of @E.A course in his soul travel teachings.

It was BRIGHT LIGHT BLUE unusually bright light blue. I was greeted by a small girl as i tried to call out to find a guide. The higher plane made it hard to think as i heard the clutter of voices like when bruce almighty with jim carrey takes on the role of god throughout 1 day. The girl asked me if id like her to show me around? My reply was “yes that would be lovely” we walked around the plane as she started to scratch the surface of what the mental plane was and i found myself unable to “astrally speak” in the traditional sense that we speak with our vocal cords so i attemped to convey energy with the desired questions along my short tour of the mental plane the feel and color of this plane was almost trancelucent white colours fading in and out of the color specyrum like a prism with such fluidity it caused almost shock to me and my concentration i tried to follow my guide throughout the plane which i only walked about 100 feet in length trying to do the energy exchange of questions to my guide. I found it difficult but not impossible to exchange questions to my guide and once i posed my questions they did not seem relevant or even curious anymore; at this point there was silence in the plane almost eerie silence i believe my guide was sensing my difficulting in maintaining my composure while i was trying to learn about the mental plane but did not get to many questions regarding how to use the plane to my liking my guide turned around to face me asked if i had anymore curiosities about the plane in questions after the clear eerie silence looking upon her face. I simply stated “no not at this time”. I had noticed the dissipation of the plane and traveled back to my body trying to focus on it to return to this mundane reality in comparison to the wonderful endless possibilities and applications my inner mind was buzzing with

Today is a bit of a boring one but progress none the less.

I havent got muxh sleep possibly about 4 maybe 5 hours in 2 days because of my obsession in trying to soul travel, today was no different!.
I found myself in between the casual and the upper planes trying to form something out of nothing trying to create something out of nothing. Whilst my guide was speaking to me i was attempting an action on the plane the specifics of it im not sure, but i do remember my guide telling me to keep trying. I do however remember a very small grain leaping from a piece of glass hitting me in the eyes before my guide told me to keep trying. Im still trying to make sense of it