My Second Clauneck contract for 60 dsys

I finally wrote up my contract midnight last night but I wasnt certain of responses as i was still feeling a bit off.

Image/impression if Clauneck perusing it casual stand to my right.
C I agree
Well well little girl
M I know its delayed
C more smoke
M ~gets more incense cones~
Image of letters being inscribed / carved in stone : W Y E ( - N -?)
C Azazel is coming (?)
M -
M Clauneck

Ancient Chinese priestly image in white in monk-ish robes

Death is coming
Spiral image

I set up my phone to record in case he spoke through my mouth instead.

M Teach me words of power to enhance my skills / capacity and memory recall

-(as im about to incorporate Reki and then a 12 weeks course privately given info on from my Chinese accupuncturist)-

Sudden expell of smoke EVERYWHERE the smoke alarm goes off had to open doors pokr that stupid alarms. I mean Clauneck wanted his Altar in my kitchen. …
It woke my daughter she showed that the smoke went high up stairs … took a pic of the smoke facing the downstairs alsrm (newly fitted btw)

So extinguished his candle and said well finish in my temple

I wrote a second question.
But would like them answered in order

C little girl, little girl. Something for you for now.
You will wait
M - let hum know in my mind thst i am about to study more and this could help and the second one could also.

He seemed to consider but feeling hus energy was quicker upstairs

C Yo’shod Amak Karl

Took me a few mins to sort my mental ears

C Drink tea and herbs rosemary thyme. Thiamine
C sleep to me

M (mental thought) ok
M the second question lord Clauneck, teacher and friend
–Can you give me words of power to attract paying customers

C Yes
C Clar Aken
M -
C to me sleep

C to me sleep
M thank you and ok.
Sigil by my bed.


You are wondering why Azazel showed up…?

Good luck with the contract. I hope everything works out best for you :rose:


Ok so as ive been unwell unable to meditate successfully i set everything up in one place leaving Clauneck Altar downstairs but his candle on a “table” at the end of my bed next to it Mabras candle and Lucifer Altar. Until im better.
So last fee days has just meditation on each them sliding to bed.

Day 7 Clauneck
A name: Maureen Diedre Claire

Ok ??? What???
Was unable to maintain sync and connection.


Tonights work much better. Evoked him late afternoon but was not relaxed enough. Evocations in a row again.
Some written & recorded. Clauneck really likes to sung to… will type up whst have recorded but its midnight so. G’nite

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Last night day 8
Breathing calling… from recorded

C We never alone don’t you know by now, one is always with many
M I just don’t want to confuse myself
C I know little girl
Cwe are always here. I am always Lucifer always Belial Paimon Azazel Lilith Your mother we’re always here.
MIm having trouble with connection cause wasn’t well. Clauneck
C Trivia. We know
C Don’t be boastful for no reason
M -ookay
C You have not sung. Sing sing
M -singing-
C Don’t be too proud my dear
M fine-line between proud and Hiw am I too
proud? What do you mean…
Truely Clauneck will answer me truly
C I am answer Truly. Child
Vespacha. Oom kava oom vala oom eek
M Do you think you can ever give me a
C You get translations
M - vocalizing-
C Sing me more
M -sings- I can’t remember
C -singing- can’t think of songs. Sing through meone you want to hear. I don’t remember the words
M -singing-
Ill learn a song if it makes you happy. Ok
M you have not answered my question Clauneck
Is ut because you don’t want me to be a
show off?
Out of smoke
Said goodnight

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Day 9 full on avatar meditation
Upper heart lower hesrt/root
Solar and throat
Secret-Fire /gold / non color energy crown to root out of palms smd feet the sacral & root are wide roots become diamond black head become diamond bl as cl to color to white to non.

Several times
At one point thought I saw siloet of Clauneck one arm out as nd I reached out though a vague image.

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Last night’s was again meditative my evoking attemprd git so drowsy fell sleey

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This morning nothing but sensations.
Tonight more fruitful recorded plus vocalised pattern song - like . I think not mine. Recorded.

Did get a minds eye visual then the remembered concept of the visual:

Black black black Spirit Body of (?) Clauneck steps through the black he is blackened surrounded by auric light, stepping through the black curtain / rain of electrical fizz / a portal from dimension to dimension / a different plane of existence but still the “room” is black. Like walking through the wall of a fluid non solid wall to another room.
Its as if stepping through one reality to another is as simple as going into a different room.

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So Tonight was massive. I went for full possession With my daughter home. We stayed entwined all for the hour.
I have it recorded with His blessings.
It was not the same as channeling where you cant bloody breathe. The recording in two parts on my phone. I have to share it He says a lot of important things not all in human. I must Post It

How do I do that?
Calling Please Mr Frank White and Mr E.A. Koetting because Oreleus Sopex’! Is mentioned and its weird and seriously different to the first time my whole body is electrified.
Claunecklikes good food. Who knew?!.
A mins ago I shuffled and drew

My other channellings and the last one with the melody I don’t know what to do with it.

Will try to send here but aah my device can go send in messanger but difficult on my mobile phone


Sorry for name drop. I didn’t intend to be creepy
Apologies to the above authors mentioned. Really tired now

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Saturday nights invocation transcribed both recordings as best I could, though part of the night was unrecorded and the last one begings with voice a bit loud
○● this begins in my room sitting on ed in front of candles / incense
Recording 1.
24 mins

Invocation of Clauneck which took me a while yo settle
Recording 2.
8 mins 20 sec
Resumed incense blew out flames
M For one hour I give you permission show me make it better & give me. … clients. I have to make it better
Sing / voclise
I feeling his entrance more than before
C Sings. Laughter Oh she worries. Worries so much. Oh little girl little girl oh so much stress oooh laughter
You shouldn’t worry you have nothing to worry about. Ah Just relax. Its ok its alright. Laughter - more laughing. See I not taken over completely more laughter Sing to me ah-ha love it when you sing
M yes you do
Breath shorter heavier
C ooh So many worries so many worries haaa. laughter. Whoo. Shes got imagination. Let it go. Its mo matter. Finished. He finished
Oh Im here. Feeling drunk are we? Laughter. -amused- No your not crazy. Its just me talking

  • laughter -
    Whoo this is fun. No don’t panic
    You need to laugh. Just relax just just just Str-ea-ch it out and relaax for a while. See look
    -Lying back on bed-
    This is a good body —something – yiu say an hour
    You worry about your daughter you worry about your son you worry about your other daughter. -legs dangling against bed- you worry about your ex husband you worry about all thesessshuuman things. Ooh -laughter- You can record it. I dont mind. You going to learn anyway. Ahh. Str-etch it out. Oh so muc tension and you didn’t even enjoy yourself last night. You so stressed You could have had such fun. We arranged that. for you. and you blow him off. What you didn’t like the package! Mischievous smirk laugh Thats ok your huumann ahh gids behaving like humans, gids forgetting their gods. That’s quite funny.
    Yesss. Im not in complete control. You won’t like that you should enjoy this. It is so much fun.
    What you want to go cook dinner. Oh you think I will do it better. Ill let you do that by yourself. L
    -laying back down again- Let’s get rid rid of the pain here shall we.

  • applies pressure on my stomach above belly button and below it- Accupuncture hey well thats ok but you don’t really need so much. You can heal without it. Ut financially fun. But it helps you relax
    M Clauneck
    C Yess I said not to worry little girl. Why do you question me of course I’m in here
    M this is different to last time
    C of course its different to last time Ive been here before I know what this place feels like. Aah. Like I said when uts time to lie down you lie down so you don’t get hurt. …

  • got up held device
    put in pocket? Walks to my daughter door
    C Look! shes got her period!

  • recordings stops .knock on Lauren door he’s laughing device to her

Downstairs — he cannot walk when im wearing bed socks!
So in kitchen she preparing meat …

Record 3. 3 sec

I/ we drop an egg he steps back so i clean up… as finished go to sut down.
Which us why on recording 4
44 mins 27 sec the voice is louder … Surprisingly
He has mire control and negotiates with me. And very patient and nice to my 15 yr old.
I have tried to notate his words but some sounds are very hard to discipher as we go along and a few I cannot descript at all.
Some body movements are restricted

Ik kashia (f/v) om bok õn dia kâshia ik bôk ôn dô
He lets me clean it up and sit down. My daughter I just point to the 2 eggs
You know who I am dont question it. If you are worried about going insane. Ask Azãzel ((ay)).
(M/C) Lucifuge C Raphocal (?)
Impakinga shûn do kom in kān in kondosh teleka si kam bû m. ik kash ana. Harê kantu futu’no’l.
Lauren Do you think the chickens ready to put the egg in?
M/C Put the egg in. Stir in for 2 second & throw in bowl of vegetables. Not the whole bowl just a bowl. Yes with your hands
C I will never leave you.
I can have control.
Oooh so many lights -turns off most lights & sits down-
Oh awh oh I do like being in here. I am here . I am somewhere else and I am everywhere.
-inward breatg-
I am the unborn sun. I am the shining sun I am dark sun I am sunlight. Impo-rtant ly
Implorplish in karsh ela hia kisha imna kommo ata kakh. Laughter
We are the black stars, we are the stars imploded exploded we are here we are always been here abd we will never go.
You are coming. And we welcome you. Most of us. Of course you have enemies… If you want them to be your enemies.
Thisfriction of yours. You need it. Well you think you do.
Tes I know that you feel weird and funny and dizzy. - breathes out -
Ag. You don’t charge enough money. What do you think
M/C probably right
C I told you not to worry about that. Little girl I don’t appreciate you questioning me again and again and again and again. I keep telling you. You worry too much.
-Eying my daughter -
You finds this amusing. Yes I know she does. Shes a little bit nervous. I thought she would cope better than last time.
M/C you can put a little bit more oil turn it around pour it upside down & twirl it. Turn heat . Put it down low. ((sesame seed oil))
Is jug boiled?!
Giving me control again
I(e)m kâshia kum bo kiako to(m) bala eka sala
Hô hô .oh the music you love the music. We all love music together.
Music is our language. It flows. Aah. And yes some of us do love you.
You want to do that with Spirits. Yes I heard that.
Aoh. Im sure … -mirth-
Azazel? Hmmm maybe. Sitri maybe. -Laughter-
If you can handle it. That was a challenge little girl. Can you handle it.
C/M ooh the jug boiled little girl pour it in just about 1/2 a cup. 1…2…3…Stop

  • she puts the jug down
    I teach her better than you do in the kitchen. Turn the heat up to half way
    Im not living in this plane and I can cook the chicken. Yes I know your working very hard you need to keep to keep reminding us. We know. We can see we know that… you cant be bothered cause your so tired… oh i want to say that word… fucking tired. Thats so funny. You have funny language.
    Kushik kakh! Ik ka ba sûn do hash-ana mala kalek Bicasa kăn. Dû’lo pu shô!
    You wanna share this with everyone. Well maybe you can share this with a few. Get it shared.
    You want a translator.
    I told you before you want a translation ask Azazel. He likes to be called Azā(y)zel he likes to be called Azâzel. Aziz.
    You remember.
    M yes i remember
    C good girl
    -breathes in sigh-
    You trust your daughter she can do it. Shes very clever
    M yeah
    C almost cooked
    You giving me control again. How much control - you want control. Im so patient with you. My little girl. I waited so long for you to come back (we) missed you. Morgana le fae. You didn’t believe it when you heard your name. You thought you made it up. How funny. You cant believe it. Thats the construct. Fiona has trouble.
    Morgana, fioma, your one. Its ok
    -breathes- We have to expand this mindof yours - just keep doing what your doing. Yes You may learn from Frank Aurelius Sopex! We know him. He is god. -breathes- yiu are not yet god, you are goddess nit yet goddess.
    Kinsand basak’asa kimbo shobikis obisk o krosik o/i bu k!k he ak u sah
    M/C I cannot speak your language.
    C yes thats my calling card Avalen Esen Clauneck kiar. That was modi-fied to accommodate huumans. If you can speak our language
    M/C Its cooked C yes
    Lauren is there any toast in there
    C yesss
    Your daughter is so beautiful hmm come here hmmm. One day she will find herself and you will be surprised. - Hugs Lauren- Im not going to give that away. -breathes smirks-
    You want to give me more control. You enjoying this. - moves in chair -
    Could do with a little bit of food I suppose - ah -laughs-
    -Burps pours water-
    Lets clean this water, it’s filthy
    -plaxes hands around cup breathes-
    Pass me that othet jug
    Lauren this one? She puts it in front of us
    Kias kamma kuut Im kāmba
    -Pours it-
    Ka shk!t
    Now taste my water
    Kias ka’ma kum baka
    Za arel itz ah ma tun
    Za arel itz ma ta un
    Zun da ba bas.
  • laughs-
    Oh it sounds so fun shouting. Yes no normal is it
    Was normally how it goes for you - we dont let you breathe-
    M/C cause it feels like you get suffocated
    -Drinks water-
    I just created perfect water
    Wheres my glass of water?!
    Lauren I’ll just clean this out
    C -laughs- huumans.
    Lauren will this do
    C dose ut hold water (sarcastic)
    Lauren yes it holds water it holds water uts not a cup.
    C well pour
  • she pours-
    Now taste my clean water. Taste it
    Lauren ok - she drinks-
    C I told you.
    Lauren Nice -smiles-
    C you can have that one. Pour me another
  • takes a mug with writing on it-
    C -reads it- Combined covens. The arrogance of you. Yes your mother says she feels drunk
    Lauren shes mentioned that
    C I know. Oh I love her. Shes my little girl.
    You want to give me more control. You have to relax -breathes slowly down out of the chair onto the floor breaths-
    You don’t want to share I know you want to fight. Paranoid -wispers- then
    Ik kash ah kash. Komo kama kabada kash ta kash in san manka kis
    Sssss -mirth then quieter- heavy on floor weighted down / breaths eird/sounds/quiet
    My 15 yr old eating in the lounge room.
    Kiasa’arama’a can ikkan tala mun so tok op.
  • he gets off the floor sits at table
    C where’s my food. Do I get some food
    -my daughter return to the kitchen brings over bowl n plate sits down to join us.
    You only giving me toast wheres my food dinner haaah
    Lauren it stays warmer if you leave it on the stove
    C Aah
    -eats with fingers-
    Lauren you wantfork or chopsticks. … or fingers works
    C you gonna butterthat toast
    Lauren yep
    C mmm aaawh sit next to us though we’re not going to bite you -she has 2 slices-
    C wheres mine hahaha your mum says your eating for two like your pregnant. Very funny
  • he ate with fingers!!!-
    C The secret to being one and losing your mind is to allow yourself to feel insane. You feel insane when the construct is not in control. - eats - When the construct is quiet. -eats- hmm we like chicken. Should eat some liver. Yes any old liver. You don’t have to be not eating meat just because someone told you to. Hmm. You don’t like eating with your fingers. One -laughs- still so paranoid. Now see. I’m eating. You have got to let go. Construct Fiona the reason why we prefer Morgana. When we talk to you is because she is the real you. -eats- she knows how to be quiet. -eats- I do not mean to be subservient -eats- .
    We do not want baggers!
    You never come to us and you beg. We will not talk to you. That disgusts us. And it disgusts you too. Even though you pretend to be ok. You don’t need to beg for food. You got plenty of food. Go and eat grass. Well dont poison the grass. Don’t poison the soil and you will have plenty of food.
    Starve a child I know how your little games working. But your not entirely in control. The other of Us. We call him the dark brother because his illumination leads to blindness and becoming to obedience. Hmm. She wants to wash her hands. Too bad. Throw a tea towel. Happy?
    Hmm. Mmm. You have to eat. To keep your Strength up. You don’t eat properly we can’t come in and visit you. Not that we actually left you were always here . You just don’t take any notice.
    -stands wobble a bit-
    Ooh -moment leans on Lauren -
    This is a really nice sensation. See you feel full dont you -breathes- you like it. Its nice to feel full. -breathe- Aawh she doesn’t like being cold.
    Your not going to stay with your ex husband. Your just visiting. You two don’t work you two dont work. But he needs you for a while. Oh shut up.
    Change my water - he points to his altar that sits on the microwave- so my daughter washes out the flute glass and re fills it with the clean water
    Talak talalak asûn kipana kash a 'hia hûn
  • Lauren fills the glass up (last time she did tiny amounts)-
    Good girl. You learn. We need to get comfortable. Something comfortable. I can walk in this body.
    She says bring her phone -were on couch-
    Your mother thought. Im going to tell,her its funny. Getting possessed and going to the gym was a good idea. I know isn’t that funny.
    Lauren yep
    C Lauren
    Lauren hmm?
    C Kias ama kump. Ik kisha le kant Ô’ causoak
    Tala kamaa’ta’h yeta ti shay hasa yay hana yi kana kis tûna kopft.
    Yes what do you want to ask. You may ask. Anything.
    L ---- ----
    C Ask what you want to ask. Make it good. Ask question now tomi arso i komi tic kia somi ap®ic’a [ or apiic’ha].
    Our time us coming up. I will have to leave.
  • breathy-
    Lauren I don’t have a question
    C You have a question want to ask a question we are waiting for you to ask your question. You may ask your question its noneof our business. She doesn’t care she will not say a word
    To yes ôm yes capac simah ieh consor toro wholo’ ma Shanahan. Ikasa peke pia’na kisina ahn na k’oorlo la ba shâ heela cusolundo um manda. In your mind is your answer. In your heart.
    Answer. Question
    Kampa sē cahrl kp*-indiscipherable*
    You may ask your question now before taasia pona time kelekalek kohushrum indiscipherable sound
    Lauren I don’t have a question.
    C you are not going to be fried alive by your mother she doesn’t care. You may ask your question. I will answer your question. You have a few moments. Thin kasa imb kamba té accomodsta your child - unintelligible wisper cough chock-
    Lauren Why do we live like this. I’m whats the point in living like this. Its confusing.
    C You better refine your question. We know what question you mean but refine your question. Detail. Kisapa. -sharp in breath
    Lauren I want to know why Im living in this house in this body with this mum and why this?
    C you are not happy with this mum?
    Lauren No I love her she is brilliant mum
    C she dosentcare what answer you gave.
    C what is your discontent child.
    Lauren why do we have to live in this sort of system? Why? People at the bottom most often stay at the bottom and people at the top can avoid consequences from the system itself.
    C -sharp breath in- The system is crumbling. The system was designed to crumble. Its a trap.
    Lauren How do we escape?
    C You escape the trap by escaping the system. You escape the system by not buying into the system. You don’t buy into it.
    Eskashula komp - pakas (f/k). Ia k! Ia k! Shlek la kom somo co sõlâ oola. Do not believe your surroundings all the time. It is con-struc-ted like living in a dream. This body is a dream .
    You are wolf. You are spirit girl. You are nit entirely here, just parts - your consc- [conscious] mind kasimp pã kahlic. That is part of your answer.
    Do not be afraid of not having what everyone thinks they should have. Do not ne afraid of living a life of not having what everyone else has because you have something mo-re. -laughs- You are beyond the system. The system you speak of
    Created when Yahaw(ae)-ik Ysod’d decided he wanted control cthe dark who hides your mind who thinks he can take control thinks he is the one in charge. So we let him.
    You didn’t know that. She didn’t know that. Yeah. We let him. Hsve some control. Because we know that you need to suffer. You do not suffer you will not seek Us. You do not seek us, we cannot help you. We are here to help. Come to us as gods. Sleeping gods who kill each other, so you think. You will all eithet choose to go back to the river or you will stand up and become who yoy are. Sleeping gods. Wake up sleeping gods. Your time is coming. See the system you speak of is nothing its crumbling. Its a joke shikasa lacūsha a curriamana ik kala geīsha(h) mu kafa mu kasa kakakalaasa eir koff sûno kôro.
    This shall be translated. You send it translate it. I will not do it.
    Spirit girl. Wolf girl. You do not know your power. That is why you suffer. You dont want to suffer in this world you will have to embrace your power.
    Time is runs out. My girlfriend here. We agreed.
    No there is no more to say.
    Ele kashan mûkant have to evoke my out with the smoke. Incense tes smoke hurry hurry
    -my daughter got the incense & lit-
    Kala kalari ta kana kunu
    Talak tala mana ik’butala misoreth
    Talak mantunu
    il-lasha it-tama kala
    il-lasha it tama kana
    il-lasha it tama tana
    I evok ed thee Clauneck
    I evoke thee Clauneck
    Alash tad alash tal lash tu
    -wisper- " "
    Deep breath out hold my daughter fingers for grounding
    Out breaths
    Tad alash alash talashtu
    Avalen essen Clauneck kiar
    Avalen “”
    I evoke thee Clauneck come Clauneck come
    Into the smoke
  • kissed fingers with my fingers to my cheek-
    Kiss my little girl
    Alash tad alash talashtu nahts fehr atu infernum negara
    Za arel itz ah ma tun
    Za arel itz ma ta un
    – breaths out–
    M hes not in me now. That was interesting. I can still hear him but hes not in me now.

This took hours to noteate out and ages to type.


Great work morgana!!!:+1::+1::+1:
it gave a lot off answers that i needed maybe he knew that i’ll read it​:thinking:…thank you girl!!:smiley::heart::heart::heart:
Dear clauneck You helped me to understand things that i didn’t know thank you clauneck!!!:smile::+1::heart:


Haha lucky you. Im desperate for translation and answers to bizarre experience in sleep. He said submit it. So i asked the “all powerful ‘submit your request’”. Lol


Tonight’s evoke of Clauneck well Morgana here in me more often however Im not sharing as I get shy even if she/I is more abrupt not takes nonsense ~ idiocy is more focused .

I will say this in regarda to sat/sun dream/astral incidebt with this god form ( of ascended human), that my daughter checked the spot on my back Sunday and tonight took picture it looks like a finget print of white. So. There is some physical evidence.
Am not prepared to blurt it here to be twisted about. The thing happened and Iam not delusional and not going insane. I also know that the Spirits durect me to find things & vids pple et c to reinforce whats best to prevent it.

But I DO need to speak with someone about it


Ok Ok. Im Posting fir 12/8/2019.

Morgana / me form to with Clauneck

Visual image then image was implied Clauneck stood very tall before me then came to less tall
He split into two then rejoined as if two.
Morgana say to me “we will not answer what we have already answered”
Then Clauneck
Kakad alash tamûl
We are one we are together we are one always. Come forth god.
Clauneck suts on my med end next to me on my left
M/Me You are sitting on my left
C Yes
M what do you want to teach talk?
C -
M -
C (?) Talk to Sopex
M sopex is busy
C sopex is not. Cannot be busy. Sopex is everywhere
M -
My mind git images of cloned man many times cloned so always about.
At the time I thought my mind was just playing so said good night.
But now i realize that these were images brought forth from memory as an allegory.


Foh so it turns out the Lucifuge Rafocale is the daemon king in xsgareg of lucifers government. … according to wiki

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Shorter calling time pleasant company though my relaxation was not as good.
I noticed he is o e who seats on my left side

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Last night Clauneck after the others & a break in between.
Meditative state all flames out incense. …
Then basically slid under the covers.
That money thats supposed to take 5 working days called in on weds. Its Friday morning. Its in after 2 days. So thank you Clauneck


Tonight evoked Clauneck first. With written set set question
Seated on the end of my bed. I felt myself sink quicker then usual. I slipped/ laid back and kept feeling myself Falling rising slightly and falling after some time i forced myself alert. Opened my windows to vent the air as the smoke was unusually thick for that amount of incense.

Made dinner. Rested now prep for the other.

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Sometimes I think am getting no where until I notice subtle changes in myself and my environment.
Like in meditations and evocations I expect to be centred and able to sikn diwn to sync but I dither about and the mind just wanders about back n fotrh on topics long dead
But ha… Morgana does not likr to waste time messing about she doesn’t like idiocy very much asumes charge of a senatio or situation the more i merger her aspect to step forth to be my body stop sloiching my mind settles and we make some progress.

Tonight Lucifer Amaymon first even Though I kept Thinking Clauneck first… we did yhe gk first. So with Clauneck tonight i did experience thr sinking falling through again. Ut in the end I had parental dutirs.