My seal

Need volunteers to work with my seal and see what they experience …

And anyone else who might wanna try.

Thanks ,

Arianna ~



I see you keeping an eye on babygirl. @DarkestKnight :blush:

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Always :slight_smile:

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Awww. :blush:

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No takers :cry:

I’ll take you…I mean, your seal :blush:

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:joy: or both?

I will pm you Daddy :rose:

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Unfortunately I cannot. Things have come up.

Its ok

Show us the seal.

I will give it a go

Awesome thank you

All yall must be scared :fearful:

Sounds like a challenge. Give it here

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Bout time I find a Badass in here… :joy:

I’ll pm ya

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Fuck it, I’ll do it.


Two people have tried so far with very interesting results.

May I try?

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