My Relationship with Archangel Raphael

THIS. My thoughts exactly.

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I admit it’s been awhile since I’ve studied the kabalah. Last time I looked into it I know for sure I found many refrences that placed Raphael firmly within Hod (mercury). Some dispute this as being under Michael’s rulership and say that Raphael instead rules over Tiphareth (beauty) but then again some people say this is also Michael (Michael stop hogging stuff!)

Personally Hod makes sense to me given the rest of his nature and my experience and previous research. (But I definitely think he’s beautiful enough to rule over the sphere of beauty)

It’s important to keep in mind that there are different systems out there even all under the umbrella of angels and monothiesm and they don’t always agree

I know for sure the numbers of angels are also disputed and it’s hard to see anyone agree on even how many archangels there are.

I’ve given the associations that make the most sense to me based on my experience and research. But ofcourse I encourage you to do your own research as well get in touch with this entity and have your own experiences

My goal is to be as honest and thorough as possible


Yeah, Raphael and Michael both have Solar and Mercurial aspects so it’s common to find them swapping places in the grimoires. From what I understand in terms of the Qabalah, though, Raphael is the angel of the sphere of the Sun (Tiphareth) whereas Michael is the angel of the path of the Sun (Resh).

Nice write-up BTW! :+1:

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The Holographic Universe

It’s not enough for me to know if something works. I need to know why it works. Something I really like about working with him is he will tell you the why especially if you ask.

One of my burning questions has always been

“How does the universe work? How does magick work?”

It’s not an easy question to answer and there’s more than one opinion. More than one model of magick. I offer this up merely as food for thought. I think of it as a clue I am still beginning to understand. I find that furthering my understanding of chaos magick helps me take this concept further.

I had a dream about being with him in an apartment. It was new not his usual house. In many of my previous dreams he resided in a huge house with more wives and children than I can count.

When I asked about the small cozy apartment he said he was going through a divorce. This was a new phase in our relationship where he seemed to start confiding in me. About his feelings,his marriage, his work. I was thrown for a loop that I seemed to be playing therapist to a being I could barely comprehend.

I can’t claim to know what caused this rough patch in his marriages. I’m not narcissistic enough to think it was me and all his wives (except one) never seemed to have a problem with me (this was actually more confusing than if they had) But he had told me that he had created me to ease his loneliness. That anytime we met I projected myself out while he interfaced the same way we would plug into a video game.

I was going out, he was going in, we met in a version of reality somewhere in the middle.

It sounded like I was a hologram. Ever see the virtual girlfriend from Japan? That’s what he made me sound like.

It didn’t seem to take away from the fact that I am alive I am sentient I have free will I have power. But it was different than I expected.

He showed me what looked like a 3d printer and told me that soon he would print me out and I could be over there in a body like his. I could be “real”

He asked me how tall I wanted to be. He said he preferred shorter girls and held his hand right at crotch level (perv) I said I wanted to be tall enough to look him in the eyes. So we compromised I could come to his heart.

When I woke up. I was really fascinated with the ideas the dream put forth. I looked at it as a puzzle to solve. A message to decode.

And I began to think about what it would mean if interdimensional beings interfaced with us through a version of virtual reality. What would it mean if we were living in a computer program?

It turns out that this is a real and valid scientific theory today among modern physicists called “The Holographic Universe” it’s a theory that solves many of our paradoxes.

The universe is actually one giant paradox a cosmic joke held together through this concept.

It explains that the fabric of the universe is really just a code that is extremely malleable.

Anything we could possibly want is right at our fingertips closer than we think. We are living in a microchip with information stacked upon itself. It’s just that our perception is limited to a few things at a time. This makes the universe seem bigger and in more control than it really is.

It makes our perception of it solid and stable when it really isn’t. It’s very malleable and small and yet it still contains limitless possibilities and worlds.

I find this to be a fascinating clue towards a real and tangible explanation of magick. A key to performing feats beyond our wildest dreams.

It’s a matter of knowing how to hack the code

If magick and science can work together how does that change the game?

We already know magick is real and possible

It just seems like physics is finally catching up

The real question is what more can we do?

If we are in a holographic program then we can become the ghosts in the machine


I’ve been embraced by both demons and angels. Lord Lucifer has held me close, and Azazel…did something else.

All of them have given me knowledge, and all of them are great beings to be around.

So there’s no reason for people to suspect that a being like Raphael, who has helped me immensely in the past, could not teach necromancy, likewise, a being of Darkness such as Azazel could not teach Healing Arts. It’s simply a matter of preference and what these beings are known for doing overall.

Samael can very easily show you how to create spiritual poisons as well as how to administer the antidotes, that’s only one singular aspect. I have found him to be very wise, and his counsel to be invaluable to my personal rise to power.

Lucifer’s aspects are mini, and it’s very difficult to nail him down to one singular aspect. To Simply call him a teacher is a waste of breath and time, but I’m going to stop myself before I go into gushing about him anymore.

my point is that all of these beings that we work with are complex and multifaceted oh, and we cannot limit them to what was written in one ancient grimoire decades or centuries ago that only covers one or two of their aspects. We have to find our own paths, write our own books, so that future generations of sorcerers can learn from our mistakes as well as our triumphs in this field.

One day, whenever magic and sorcery are recognized as being real things, our words will become academic.



This is a practice that most people have never heard of. I learned it very organically from Raphael. I was doing it before I knew there was a name for it. You can do more with it than I will write about here. But that is because this is the level of practice I am currently at and have the most experience in.

After practicing it for awhile I began to wonder if I made it up or if it was a genuine practice anywhere at any point in magick and started to do research. Then I found out the name and where it originates. But I have yet to find a how to anywhere for it on any aspect of it. We simply know that it was practiced at one point to a variety of ends.

Selenomancy dates all the way back to ancient babylon. (Another technique he gave me within necromancy also dates back to babylon)

As I stated before one of his astrological associations is the moon. (The moon was also prominent in many of my dreams about him)

So I felt the need to start going outside and spending time with him under the moon. Sometimes I would use a star map to line myself up under or within a path of Mercury as well even if I couldn’t see it.

I would set up a blanket and sometimes start a campfire or set out a candle. Sometimes I sat in silence trying to feel his energy and sometimes I would play music or even try to evoke him.

It all depended on intuitive need for the time.

Then I began to feel this rush of energy come through my body. I would find my gaze being forcefully lifted to the moon and I could NOT look away. (I am very glad I did this alone before anyone mistook me for having a medical condition) I would see images within the moon. They were very hard to grasp or concentrate on at first. I knew I had to slow down and concentrate on them. I had to find out the meaning.

So I kept going out. I kept setting up the blankets and the fire. I gazed on the moon’s surface. I also started to take an audio recorder and record what I saw as I saw it. My intuitive impressions of the images.

Eventually I got to a point where I could decode the meaning behind the images and realized it was divination just like reading tarot cards.

Whenever I do a divination of any kind I always make it a point to apply the advice given to me before doing another.

There are other things you can divine from the moon such as predicting the weather. But I’m personally not there yet.

This form of selenomancy is just scrying but instead of using a mirror you’re using the moon’s surface. It’s very practical. It means no matter where you are or how much money you have for fetishes you can practice. If you can look at the moon at night you can perform selenomancy.

How To

Check the calendar for the date of the next full moon. Scrying on a full moon gives you the most surface to look at.

Go outside with a blanket and a candle.

Just like with a tarot reading you can have a question in mind. Choose to word it in an empowering way. Think of your question.

Light the candle.

Lay down on your back gaze at the moon and relax. (Relaxing music can help)

It is not your imagination. Eventually you will see shadows cross over the moon’s surface. The images may be hard to decipher at first. Keep concentrating. If they flip back and forth too fast ask for them to slow down.


Have an audio recorder app on your cell phone. It’s hard to concentrate on writing and moon gazing at the same time. Record what you see and feel.

I can’t tell you what images you will see or what they will mean. But applying the same methods to dream interpretation works.

Once you know what the moon has told you apply the advice if it makes sense to you.

I’m a firm believer in taking advice that makes sense. Just because we get advice from a spirit doesn’t make it good advice. Use your own judgement.


Sick Day

Today I woke up feeling very much like I had the flu.

Come to think of it this is the first time I’ve gotten sick since meeting Raphael. So I actually haven’t been sick in over a year.

As soon as I woke up and realized I wasn’t feeling well. I immediately got this feeling like energy was being opened and channeled into my heart and throat chakras.

He’s been taking care of me all day even though I didn’t ask. It really warms my heart.

As soon as I thought “Ok I have to go to the store and get orange juice and medicine” but I didn’t really feel like making the drive. My husband came home unexpectedly from work just to bring me chicken soup for no real reason. He just thought I might want it. He also brought our son lunch so I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

Ok I guess I don’t have to go to the store just yet since my supplies were magickally brought in for me through other means

I would doze in and out and each time I woke up I could feel the energy on my chest.

I spent time in meditation and understood parts of our past relationship experience I never really understood before. Some past experiences I had always found confusing and tried not to think about. But today I felt I got it and was pretty happy with what I uncovered.

My body might feel awful. But my spirit knows someone is here taking care of me whether I asked for it or not and that makes me feel very loved and happy.


Get well lemonade

I needed an immunity boost and made this.

1 cup sugar

A little over 1 cup of lemon juice

Blessed water

Dill Weed*

*Helps cool down your body temperature and combat fever also great for boosting the immune system helps with muscle cramps don’t worry it compliments the flavor of the lemon nicely

I asked Raphael to bless my water with a simple prayer

You could cut down on the sugar or cut it out completely but then the lemonade will be extremely sour

I’ve been drinking it around the clock. Also took a tylenol.

Hate being sick in the summer

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An Introduction to Alchemy

Inspired by a recent question on the forum I decided it might be time to start addressing alchemy within my journal. After all a part of the reason I started this journal is to share the techniques and esoteric knowledge I’ve learned from working with Raphael. One of the first things he started to teach me was alchemy. There is so much more to alchemy than I’m going to go into within this post. This is meant to be an introduction to alchemy with us going deeper within the future.

Alchemy isn’t just a side project within magick. Alchemy is a system of magick within itself that can also be incorporated into larger systems. The same can be said of the runes for example or sigils in general.

Alchemy is the art of transforming one state into another. This can be a physical state such as changing led into gold. It can be a mental or emotional state, changing sadness into happiness. It can be a spiritual state when you understand the gold sought after was spiritual wisdom.

There are two sides to alchemy the physical and the mental. Truthfully you could argue there are more such as emotional and spiritual but for now I wish to address the physical and mental states. (The mental state will ultimately lead into the emotional and spiritual states)

The Physical

The physical state of alchemy is best thought of in terms of chemistry. In fact modern day chemistry is a descendant of alchemy. It wouldn’t exist without the alchemist of old.

Many modern day chemists take it for granted they are actually physical alchemist.

If you’ve ever experimented with a chemistry kit for fun you will see numerous experiments to change the color of the water or to create salt. To take an element from one state and transform it into another.

A more sophisticated example. Most prescription medicines are synthesized versions of substances that kill in their holistic state. But parts extracted, synthesized and broken down from the belladonna plant make amazing pain relievers that are often used in modern day medicine.

In such a context it may not be surprising I learned alchemy from Raphael.

I believe alchemy invites us to get our hands dirty. It’s true nature is that of experimentation. If you do nothing else as an alchemist put your magick to the test. Run experiments just to see if its possible if it can be done or if you personally can do it.

I like to work with chemicals. I like running experiments. I like getting my hands dirty with magick. That being said I also respect it and I try to be smart about it.

For example, lye is an incredibly dangerous substance to work with and keep on hand. In the right context and handled with care you can make soap that will cleanse and nourish your skin. Handled inappropriately you’ve accidentally dissolved the flesh from your bones. Not a fun day.

This is why as much as I like soap crafting I refuse to keep lye in the house where I have a small child. Instead of cold process soap I stick to hot process and use ingredients that are more benign. Shampoo can be much easier and safer to make than bar soap.

I apply the same logic to the rest of my magickal practice. I’m picky what spirits I work with and I regularly cleanse and banish energies that do not work for me. I still meet wandering spirits and I’m willing to strike up a conversation and test them out. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to evoke the next big name I hear about because someone else says their cool. I have to feel a real and genuine tug in their direction. Sometimes it may just be I’ve had several conversations with this wandering spirit and decided they’re cool so sure I’ll work with them until they give me a good reason not too.

Today the mainstream media would have you believe anyone with a scientific mind must be an atheist. That really isn’t the case today and it certainly wasn’t the case in history. Historical alchemist considered themselves scientists while everyone else considered them witches.

The scientist of old adhered more commonly to the idea that spiritual esoteric knowledge could be found through observing nature.

So as an alchemist was doing a chemical experiment they were also thinking about what this process could mean when applied to an energetic state.

Fast forward the esoteric part was thrown out and we were left with the physical parts that worked and renamed it chemistry.

If you want to get into the physical side of alchemy I would suggest taking up applied chemistry as a hobby. These can be activities like cooking, baking, soap crafting,perfume making, learning herbalism, working with essential oils or tinkering with chemistry sets.

Some enthusiasts go so far as to recreate historical alchemical experiments and pick up where those left off. As fun as that sounds getting your hands on those same substances can have a lot of legal red tape attached. Some people get feds checking their mail and knocking at their doors to make sure they’re not making bombs or meth. If you go this route do your research know what you’re getting into and be smart about it before you blow yourself or somebody else up. Having a home chemistry lab is getting harder in the modern age not easier.

Tinkering with the physical side of alchemy has it’s bonuses to the sorcerer. Next time you’re tempted to buy someone else’s aura cleansing spray you just shrug and say “Nah I can make that” and guess what, the magick spray you make yourself is ten times more powerful than what someone else can make for you. I know because I have both created and bought sprays and other items. While buying someone else’s can be convenient especially when I’m feeling lazy what I make myself is always more powerful.

The Mental

Given the history and red tape around having a home chemistry lab, it’s no wonder some alchemist argue that if you’re not messing with chemicals you shouldn’t call yourself an alchemist. Although I do mess with chemicals I still disagree with this. If a chemist with no esoteric knowledge can be an alchemist then a mentalist can surely be an alchemist. I would go so far as to argue that the mental side is the most important part of alchemy.

The mental side of alchemy is transforming one mental state into another. Anxiety into tranquility. Poverty into prosperity. You might even argue all magick is alchemy when the ultimate goal is to transform our world and our environment into what we will.

To understand mental alchemy we need to understand how our minds work and harness that power and then control it. A good place to start here is further studies into psychology especially the subconscious and conscious mind, brainwaves, and perhaps even consciousness as a dimension or universal element.

When you grasp these concepts and know how to work with them the world is at your fingertips.

It’s incredibly powerful and there will certainly be future post related to this both inside and outside the label of alchemy.

If you’ve started to tap into psychic senses congratulations you’re halfway there.

If you haven’t that’s ok you can still go about learning mental alchemy.

Here is an exercise to get you started:

Take note of your current mental or emotional state. Do you feel happy? Depressed? Angry? Tired? Jittery from too much coffee?

Think about what the opposite state to your current one would be

  1. Play a song. If you’re happy play a sad song. If you’re depressed play a happy one something you can dance too. If you’re angry play something soothing you could meditate or fall asleep too.

  2. Take notice of how you feel now. Chances are good you feel different than before you heard the song. Before you got up and danced. Or sat down to meditate.

That’s mental alchemy transforming one mental state into another. If you got yourself into a worse state than when you started just play a happy song and get yourself back to equilibrium.

Alchemy is neither right hand path nor left hand path. It’s a tool that can be used in either direction. Which direction you swing the pendulum is entirely up to you.

More resources to get you started


If you want to plough ahead of me and have a serious go at alchemy, study the emerald tablets and the kybalion. I’ll certainly be doing future posts about the kybalion in particular.

These are not easy reads but they have a world of depth to them. You have to really go over each paragraph and put it to thought. If you’re willing to do the work you’ll get a lot out of them.

They are so hard to digest I would recommend calling upon the aid of a spiritual teacher to help you understand the alchemical mysteries. Entities such as Thoth, Hermes, Raphael, Raziel, Azazel, Samael or Belial. Or even an alchemist from days past such as (not kidding) Sir Isaac Newton or Cleopatra (she had both mental and physical alchemy down and was not afraid to use it) and so many others. Just a quick google of historical alchemist will you give a list a mile long of possible dead teachers.

Be picky do your research and choose who calls to you. They may not even be on this list. I’m just giving you ideas to get started.

You’ll be with this teacher for awhile. At least as long as you want to study alchemy or they hand you over to someone else. (As is the way with many spirits) Your spiritual teacher may even help you get your hands on physical resources. I’ve gotten most my alchemy books for free or dirt cheap. I have such a vast digital library of old alchemical text I have yet to get through them all and more I’m being directed to for future reading. It’s as though Raphael just filled his arms with books and went bam

“Read these”

Don’t be surprised if your spiritual teacher test your knowledge through experiences and dreams.

The Modern Alchemist has an amazing youtube channel. He breaks alchemy especially mental alchemy down into very easy to understand examples pulling mostly from pop culture that we all know. I’ve given you my definition of alchemy but here’s his

This may not be the world’s best resource ever but I got it for free or at least really cheap from amazon and it’s filled with a lot of different meditation techniques to get you started it’s called “The Alchemical Workbook” by Dennis William Hauck and can certainly give you some ideas as to the basic structure of alchemy.

As always, thank you for reading and check back for more alchemy in the future.


This is probably the best post in the whole forum about Alchemy in my opinion!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful information and detailed explanation of all different aspects of this extremely important science and art :+1:



Wow thank you! I really appreciate that! I’m glad you enjoyed it

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Love reading these. Very informative and interesting. Thank you for the detailed info and keep it up! :smile:

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You’re verywelcome and I love your user name! Super cool

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how does being intimate with him feels like? must have been one hell or rather heaven of an experience :blush: strong text :wink:

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wonderful info. but what i am curious about is , is it possible to evoke issac newton through the similar way you evoke demons n gods or does one has to use ouija board for this?

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Aww, thank you very much! :blush:

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Meeting Lucifer

I’ve gotten more than a few invitations to meet Lucifer. He started coming around not too long after I formed a relationship with Raphael. I wasn’t really sure what he wanted but the signs to talk from him were very clear. I got a lot of 666 synchronocities popping up to a point it was ridiculous. Videos in my youtube feed on how to summon Lucifer at the same time the 666 synchronocities were happening. Logos on t shirts that random people wore as they walked past me etc

I did a divination on if I should talk to him where Apollo said “Yes absolutely!”

But Raphael seemed really bothered by it.

I didn’t trust myself to be able to handle Raphael (who is intense) and Lucifer at the same time. I expected Lucifer to be just as intense if not more so than Raphael. His invitations alone seemed more in your face than any other spirit I had encountered.

I didn’t want to dismiss Raphael to work with Lucifer. And everything I grew up hearing about the devil wasn’t helpful either.

So I thought about this with an open mind and purposefully stepped away from the lingering christian perspective. I realized that Lucifer seems to pop up throughout various mythologies whenever anyone is on the verge of ascending into godhood. It seems that meeting him is a quintessential part to recognizing your own power

But still even from this perspective I politely declined the request to speak. I explained to Apollo I just wasn’t ready. I felt a sense of relief and I also felt that this was respected by all entities involved.

But a part of me wondered if I did the right thing. And as I pondered this I kid you not a taxi drove up with 666 on the side of the car like “I’m still here” which freaked me out and I as soon as I thought “Nah I’m good” it drove off

But Lucifer apparently didn’t give up trying to contact me and his curiosity towards me wasn’t satisfied.

Recently I had an experience while asleep where I could sense this presence watching me. It was masculine. It seemed to say “I see you”

And as it gazed upon me I could feel that it could see everything. I could hide nothing from it.

This was so unsettling and disturbing I literally woke up holding my temples and screaming.


This entity felt new and I wasn’t sure who it was at first. But I could immediately equate the feeling of it to Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings. I did research and from there started to think this was a visit from Lucifer.

This was no longer merely a message inviting me to contact him he was right there watching me.

I’m not here to bust chops or say anything negative about this entity or anyone who works with him. In fact I welcome your comments on if he has ever felt like this to you and why is it he can manifest as an all seeing eye?

I couldn’t get the experience out of my head. I did a meditation. Still unsure of what Lucifer could possibly want with me.

But this meditation was all about affirming my own authority over myself over my own soul. And making sure that he and everyone else knows this.

You see I grew up with a Lucifer who automatically weilded so much power over you you needed salvation from him. A devil that seemed to be in every little thing from yoga to a disney movie. As I grew older and rejected christianity and embraced my own beliefs I thought very little about Lucifer. He just wasn’t on my radar if he existed at all

Well Raphael was the first to tell me that yes he exists. In fact he didn’t seem to shut up about him at first. He wanted to make sure I knew Lucifer existed and they clashed at times. But this wasn’t because they hated each other. In fact Raphael loves Lucifer a great deal and views him as his brother not his enemy. They fight but it has nothing to do with hate. Raphael enjoys bugging the crap out of Lucifer.

Think of a younger sibling who annoys an older one for the sheer fun of it

That’s Raphael towards Lucifer. Lucifer also has “really cool stuff” that Raphael will try to steal if given half the chance.

Again anyone with a younger sibling has probably had times where they borrow your stuff without asking.

And any time Raphael fights Lucifer and doesn’t die he views it as learning opportunity and this is why he actively pursues fights with him. Whether Lucifer realizes it or not he is Raphael’s teacher.

But to say Raphael wasn’t overly eager to introduce me to his brother and teacher would be an under statement. (In fact he’s not eager to introduce me to other angels at all)

He freaked the fuck out.

So as I said I declined to speak to Lucifer until recently.

Within this meditation where I asserted my own power. I could see these images where everything was ordered and precise like structure is very important to him. That within his empire everyone has a purpose and a place. Their bodies get demonic upgrades and they become a part of his machine.

I also sensed that this assertion of me having authority and power over myself and no one else was exactly what he wanted to know about me and he was satisfied. And from there I unexpectedly felt connected to the ALL. And that Lucifer was still a part of this ALL. Just like in his own empire how everything has it’s place, everything has it’s place within the cosmos including Lucifer.

I don’t know in what ways or how often we will be working together in the future if at all but this was a very interesting experience. I do not feel the need to force it to be anything else.

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I love techno music thanks!!!

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You are welcome sending you Peace, Love, Unity and Respect light and positive vibez

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