My Recent Time Slip Experience

Ok so a few days ago I experienced something extremely unsettling and have been unsure what to make of it. I’m no stranger to paranormal experiences but out of all the whacky shit I’ve seen in my life (UFO’s, orbs, fairies, ghosts, mojos, spirits, etc.), this was by far the most immensely bizarre experience I have ever had period, which is saying a lot. In fact it was so bizarre that I’ve so far been reluctant to tell anyone about it for fear of being deemed a schizo or worse, a liar. I’m even hesitant to post it in here and this is the most accepting community of weirdos I know of, but this shit has been driving me bat shit ever since it happened so I have to get it off my chest and trust that no one will question my sanity.

Three days ago I was driving to an appointment to meet with my probation officer and got a flat tire a few blocks from his office. I pulled off to the side of the road I was on, parked, and got out to check out my tires, and discovered the flat, at which point I exclaimed something to the effect of “fucking beautiful!”. I didn’t have a spare or time to change it so I decided to walk the rest of the way to my appointment.
After my appointment I walked home, and after a few hours I realized I forgot to lock my car doors so I started walking back to where I left my car and when I got about a block and a half away, looking down the street, I saw that my car was not there where I was sure I’d left it. My first inclination was to assume it had somehow gotten towed after only being parked there a few hours but then I got a really strange feeling in my gut, my heart started racing and something told me to hang back and refrain from approaching the spot where my car was supposed to be.
I pulled out my phone to call someone and the screen started glitching out and being unresponsive. The clock on my homescreen kept updating and jumping back and forth from 4:17pm to 12:46pm so I decided to reboot my phone, and as I was waiting for my phone to boot up I witnessed something I’ve yet to make any sense of. I saw my car being driven down the street with a flat tire. It slowed down, pulled off to the side of the road, and parked exactly where I remember leaving it, and lo and behold, I saw that IT WAS ME driving it. I saw myself get out of the car, check the tires, and instead of saying what I remembered saying I heard myself say “perfect! fucking awesome!” and then start walking toward the probation office. Needless to say at this point I was in a state of absolute awe. I felt almost sedated and maybe a bit dizzy as I watched myself walking off and disappearing into the distance. By then my phone had booted up so I looked at the time and the clock was no longer glitching out but it said it was 12:50pm at which point I just froze in a panic thinking I was going to be stuck 3 hours in the past forever and had to sit down on the sidewalk and breathe to keep from fainting. After a few minutes I felt a weird surge of bioelectricity pass through me and looked again at my phone to discover that clock had returned to 4:24pm. I then felt it was safe to approach my car to lock the doors so I did so and returned home.

I realize this has little to nothing to do with magick but I didn’t know where else to share this experience. I’ve since done quite a bit of research and discovered that the time slip phenomena is actually pretty widely experienced which put my mind at ease a bit, but I still can’t stop replaying the event in my head trying to figure out some way I could be mistaken about what I’d seen, but to no avail. Anyways thanks for listening. Any thoughts?


Don’t worry man, your experiences are safe with us. :smiling_imp:

We won’t judge!


Well, I can’t say exactly what you saw but maybe it has something to do with the Mandela Effect. Maybe you consciously witnessed a time jump. Which is pretty cool. I know I’ve been feeling off lately and was actually wondering about that.

Harness that shit! You’re a natural!


damn, thats crazy. I would’ve approached myself and had a conversation

NO way dude. The other me would have lost his shit and he had to be in a good frame of mind to talk to our probation officer.

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haha…i dont think id be able to resist tho! In any event, i do believe you

I’m not sure how I would even go about “harnessing” it man. I have no repeatability. It seemed to be just a fluke mind fuck. I’m a natural what? Time traveler??

“Time is an illusion”

  • Albert Einstein

He meant that literally. Time, as we know it, is a system of measurement based on the rotation of the earth around its axis as well as the revolutions around the sun.

Gravity and motion.

Time, as we percieve it, is a whole nother beast. The system of measurement is different if you’re on another planet, for obvious reasons.

Time, as a concept, past present and future, is an illusion. The reality is that all of time - anything that has happened, is happening, or ever will happen, is happening…right…NOW.

Time is not a flat circle. It’s a dot.

This includes every potential timeline spawned whenever any action/reaction takes place. Infinite possibilities, infinite timelines, happening in tandem right now.

Once you’re able to more-or-less accept that, you can go into a meditation state and focus on that. This is what they call “living in the present moment”. After all, “there is no time like the present”, right?

Be in the exact moment. From there, you can shift to any moment in time - anything that has happened or will happen, in any potential timeline. For most people, this is pretty advanced stuff. But if you’re able to overlap already, then you have a gift…


Oh OK so you meant harness it in a literal sense lol. That’s something I hadnt even considered. I always thought of omnipresence from more of an AP/soul travel approach. Never once did I think anything like this could be accomplished in physically real sense. Come to think of it I do recall @Lady_Eva mentioning something about having successfully altered the past before. I’m gonna have to do some serious work on this because the implications of such an ability are absolutely unprecedented and completely outside the realm of what I’d thought was possible with magick.

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“I have realized that the past and future are real illusions, that they exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is.”

~Alan Watts

Ah, the time glitches. You’re waking up. Actually, reality is constantly glitching out - especially with stuff on the peripheral of your awareness. We’re constantly making little timeline shifts which causes weird little fluctuations. Your mind musses it over and dumps it into oblivion before it registers long enough for you to retain it. It does the exact same thing when you’re dreaming - your cat will start lecturing you on particle physics and instead of allow you to realize you’re living in a dream, your mind invents a false memory and you’re like, "Oh, I forgot my cat could talk. It’s been years since he did it."
I haven’t had anything this crazy happen yet, but I have “changed channels” before - suddenly you’re in a different version of the same day with different things happening. It’s actually possible you’ve had experiences like this before and your mind just wrote it off as a “dream” and dumped it.


Yea that’s possible. I have actually had a couple other minor time slip experiences prior to this one. I few years ago I had been using amphetamines for sleep deprivation and was on day 4 with no sleep. I walked by my bedroom and out of the corner of my eye I saw someone standing in my room going through my dresser drawers. It wasn’t until after I crashed and woke up the next night and soon found myself standing in that exact spot going through my dresser that I realized I’d quite possibly caught a glimpse of myself 24 hours in the future. Not nearly as mind boggling as my recent experience but interesting nonetheless.


Oh yeah. Definitely possible.

This has happened to me before as well, but the time frame was much smaller. It seems it’s actually quite common among the “sensitive” sort.

I was at my job alone, years ago, cleaning up a fireworks warehouse store during the off-season. I walked to the window where a radio was sitting, playing classic rock, and turned it up. When I turned back around to go back, I saw myself. She was following the same path I had just taken, wearing the same clothes I was, coming to the radio. She couldn’t see me, but I saw her and I froze in place. The quick shock of it jolted her out of sight before we could “walk through each other”.

I wonder if your past self would have been able to see you if you tried to approach. Mine didn’t see me. And I have the double-proof of ‘her’ lack of reaction and my own memories of not having seen the future me when I went to the radio the first time.

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Wow! I dont doubt this type of thing exists. Ha e you ever read a book called The Vertical Plane? If not look it up. In the 1980s, A man in the UK starting getting messages on his computer from someone living in the 16th century. …a whole load of timeslip crazy stuff!


Yea I feel like there was probably a good reason I had the gut instinct to stay away and not approach myself. Even if he wouldn’t have been able to see me I wasn’t about to roll those dice. Far too many variables. Thanks for sharing your story.

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I will definitely have to check that out. Sounds right up my alley.

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