My public thanks to King Vine

Results of my invocation
Gloria Vinae, Rex Demonium, in nomini domini Satan-Samuel. Gloria in Infernis.

Two days ago I made my Invocation. As amateurishly done as it was I have results.

I did not magically manifest any profound changes as I asked in my Clairvoyance or Chakras (as far as I can tell) however, I randomly got access to a library of Occult books and Grimoirs for free. Resources to fuel my practice and studies into Magick and Demonolatry for months, maybe even years to come.

I do not see this as a mere coincidence as Kind Vine is associated with magical and initiatory knowledge to wizards and witches.
This is perfectly aligned with not only King Vine but also with my request as most of the literature are handbooks in summoning, spirit communication and in order to do so, energy work.

On a side note I also got access (also for free) to some great Qigong resources that would have cost me a fortune to get a hold of and I’m already having results with it. I can now feel my own energy strongly.

I feel a strong “here you go” feeling about it all.

In conclusion, my heartfelt and grateful thanks to his majesty King Vine.

P.S. The above is copied from my Journal. I just wanted to spread my gratitude to more people and encourage others who are new to the path.


All Hail King Viné!