My progress so far with sigil work

A couple nights ago I drew my first demonic spirit sigil (black ink on white paper easy enough to read in dim light as advised,) and last night I made my first real try at working with the spirit through it. I just wanted to outline my experiences with it, mostly to compare notes with others. (Still stumbling newbie jumping in head first here, because I’m learning fast that that’s the best way to jump, lol)

I sat on my bed, with my feet out on front of me, comfortably with only a small dim pocket sized reading light on for lighting. I was actually going to light a candle for light at first but decided the little light would be safer if I happened to fall asleep or the cat pulled her nightly hyperactive spell and started using my furniture as her personal jungle gym. I wasn’t sure what I expected to happen. I didn’t think it would start to flash or anything, not on my first real try at this. It didn’t, but some things did happen. Firstly my left hand, the one I was using to hold the sigil became EXTREMELY itchy. Not the typical scratch and it’s all good kind of sudden random itch. This was a hot prickly unrelenting itch that even when I moved to scratch didn’t really stop for a few minutes. I felt like I had either broken out in a sudden attack of hives or touched something known to be irritating and ended up with a rash from it. I didnt actually look closely at that hand, the light would not have been nearly good enough for that anyway, but I have no reason to think there was really anything wrong with it. In any case it looked completely fine after the fact and that strange burning itch never came back. On one had I still want to assume with my logical mind that it was just a badly timed thing without any cause at all, but on the other hand it seemed at felt too perfectly timed and of course it was the hand that held the sigil.

At some point my cat decided to hop up onto my bed, which is nothing unusual at all. Haha, she likes to lay on my feet. She jumped up though and for several seconds she sat perched near the edge of the bed, staring right at the sigil with almost a curious look on her fuzzy little face, looking like something at had caught her full attention. Finally she jest walked slowly tot he end of my bed and lay down on my feet like she probably intended in the first place.

I went back to gazing intently. Still no flashing or anything, but it became impossible to keep my eyes open. I was still quite wide awake, but without any real awareness of my own body or it’s position, or of the around eight pound cat, which would normally be enough weight to be noticeable. When I looked again I was still staring at the paper, not sure how I was still holding it exactly where I had been without thinking about it. It all felt real, but it didn’t at the same time. I could not easily have moved or even stopped paying attention without pay attention then if I had tried to. I still could not keep my eyes open for more than a second or two and I felt like I was about to completely lose awareness. It was then that I sent my clear intention to the spirit. On one had it seemed like someone was listening, but on the other how would I know for sure. If there was a presence of anything it was still very far away.

At some point I did receive a very strong impression being supposed to work toward full evocations and not simply working with the sigil. I sent back a thought about how any smoke would pose a serious problem, and received back the impression of using a mirror. (This morning browsing this forum I came across a post on the use of a mirror for evocation, which of course got my attention and fast. What I don;t understand though yet is what’s the point? Also I got the impression of something like “work again this way very soon, keep practicing” and “call me with my song.” What exactly did that mean?

Black mirror can be a good way for you be able to see the spirit, as it starts to form itself in the darkness of it. I am abke to get thensame effect by starng into the darkness when i close my eyes so i usually use that method myself instead of a mirror, but a black mirror might be easier or at least it felt a bit easier the few times i tried it with one. Also look around the mastering evocation section, im pretty sure I read about some kind of song or chant/sound meant to help with calling a specific demon but dont remember which.

Good seeking (interesting reading your descript, I could tune into a sigil… although rather than try and write-down and attune further, would open to it… I sensed not- so stopped before saw more. Don’t know if what I saw was the sigil you used, another related to that Espiritu or its Trad-current… or unrelated… (food digesting, and random-assoc :slight_smile: … just toss that tidbit, was almost like a “visual watermark” overlaying my vision as I was reading the screen… << even deciding I wouldn’t tune in, and typing that- as I type to here, ear-amping up ringing, feeling of pressure in room, and sparkle-misty fog in the air before my monitor-screen, back of hands tingle- feeling of a presence could, not waiting on other-side of ‘door’ but ‘available’… hmm * may boost be welcomed into your next working(s)… ? may assist, who knows>>

Anyway- just a comment about “mirror” -either as:
a visual pt of focus (used to defocus, like how people look off to the side, not “at” something- but “off in space” as they think- what was the name of …? as if looking at something, or moving eyes, we auto-focus on “object” and name-it, comment on it… so busy-mind… so put eyes in “not being used mode” for a sec…
That’s one use… but… more magickal:
as a portal type- contacting “elsewhere” (what-ever that means to you, not as a speculation but how your physicality feels-knows it, reach where? how far? does that mean…) but going “Through” mirror, and then from that ‘elsewhere’ There back Through the mirrror here (like a Window)… not only a mentally/energetic contact “There” (which there? -multiples… the one that has that which you are contacting… get no-answer? or busy-signal? vs a Hello. -sense of Presence and response to you, but they are there- as prelim, to them Becoming, a bit more Here… -once have (above) then a quality changes in the mirror itself- so not just a Mental/E contact, but alter the mirror to be partly of There and partly of Here- as if each side of… if that makes sense, (sounds more complex, or too simple, but sort of gives a targeted grounded locating of the flow-linkage, vs it being “in the head” sort of feeling…
so ‘portal’ transfer-station medium-means between is one way (the mirror alters a bit… but below is a different aspect/angle on this)

Having the mirror, not a portal-window type (as above), but as like a Talis… like an oven-brick… or heating-stone or “piece of ice” put in cup of liquid… the temp-qual spreads outward into contact-pt on “obj” and affects the Enviro… (have this qual- of this “other place” and the Entity you already connected to There first… like send a chat IM before “open” Skype window… (perhaps after intially confirming time with email, and then chat-IM confirm- then “open” Skype session… then with direct-live Video interaction- the Computer Screen is changed into a “portal” or into a Talis (in this metaphor)… ie rather than as an opening they move through, as Talisman emanates the quality of that other place and/or of “Them” so that the Room you are in (if it is a more informal session, or a more expanded influence upon the WorkingSpace) from how it/you are… to match different ‘else’

(… in other words, could have a person come knock on your door, you peek and see it is them- ah, they’ve come to visit, they enter; or knock, open door, hey come in, they’ve arrived and inside before you’ve adjusted to them being there… like you feel you are still as you were, and takes a bit to adjust to them visting… vs; you are in your place, and it starts to feel different, and more different, as if someone else is Visiting- but not yet… and more and more, and then its as if someone has been in your place so it is different and they would be at home (not just a guest visiting)… and “then” they arrive… its already attuned to them first…

(and a few others- but above I’d say are interp ways- make “mirror” use different) - Id differentiate “Clairvoyantly” (sic so called) viewing, using support of mirror as focus, but seeing to where they are (home? or an in-between context, or more likely a constructed interface you’ve structure-formed for them… but you are viewing that- in mirror… vs Evoking them into the mirror, vs Evoking them into the room (mirror is phy in the room, so in the mirror is “inside the room” but if more physically proximal in the room- out in a spot in the room… a bit diff… but either one, different than not ‘in the room/mirror’)… some authors blur these… (and use of visual defocusing of features in the mirror, is a whole different- not one of the 2 types: either Evoke “in to the room, to phy appearance” -or- “in the astral, via a mirror or skrying device”… and one system/author says use of a mirror (not as skrying-images arise “in mind” but actual look and see your-face or else in room/reflection… and it distorts by eye-tire)… if either- seems clear (to me) that the 2nd “mirror” option, but some say that is the 1st ‘phy appearance’ as relates to ‘phy appearance in reflection’… -I think actually neither one, as is more pushing for hypno-sensoryganzfield.
Just in case you hear/read of that use of mirror- to give some context (some posts about that, one thread asked about that specifically)…
rather than rescrub this, figure I might put up as is, hopefully you might find that which catches your interest, and makes sense

 I ref this- not to directly tie- but more for "counterpt" (fire-flame: but context of how it is utilized..  re-interp above to the pts..


as a concept: if “open” perhaps should “close” again after, and then further stabilize-steady/re-integ… the afffect upon you, and place, and if use more than one dynamic… re they mix (ie if influence via mirror- shines upon-into the paper sigil on? is there an influence emanating out of the paper with sigil on? does it affect/mix the Mirrors field… through the Mirror while it is in Use? (once stop the operation: does the Mirror feel a Mirror again, as before? if different- how adjust for affects it has on else… etc.)

re to Song, also other pts: question for yourself- how you feel, for you, you wish to work- in general, as well as with this particular Entity and E-Tone (and listen, learn to comprehend more-per this process, to fdbk from ‘it’… and what you feel, in general I prefer to do things way1, but with this Spirit I don’t want that and will do way2…
related to that- do you which to take what you research, either prior to contact, or along with… or not? (ie if you have name/sigil… historical sources, writings… they state about Entity, and those that interacted with… groups that related to Entity, were a part of System XYZ… thus look into other sources tied to that thread… etc. as Leads to try (test, showing, mention to in Communication with… even a “hot-cold” (naw… not sure… not that, yes that… sort of feeling to different possibilities- get a sense that these “fdbk” responses are from you? from your deep-reactions? or from An Entity (this one, or another Entity? unrelated even? -identify the tone of response, like in a group hearing the direction of voice, and tone-sound of… different person responds, you sense is from a different place, and sounds not the same? -sort of like that, else like your “cell-ph”/mobile shifts and another voice… can recog that occurs? or not able to recog?

above in short, if you feel is worthwhile hearing other info- can research for find leads of this beings Song… [perhaps as called an Enn, perhaps called else- by the Trad-social-culture it was assoc with]
(and find not just “one” but a few possibles and then get response from being… it may respond, after you find something, that isn’t it, but here is the song “_ _ _ .” -ie after you’ve added to the mix…
but if that doesn’t click for you, could divinate for it, seidre-hum (like auto-writing/ scribble draw -flow with voice), and words come out… and construct a “song” that way… or hear it, or ___ <?>