My problem I can't solve

Hello to everyone. Guys, I have a question and I want to ask you. I want to start working with Demons but I can’t invite because I have family.

I’ve been looking for time to invite for a long time, but I can’t find it and this is bothering me now.

My question to you is, can I summon Demons into my dreams? Or is there another method?


Yes, you can summon in your dreams, but to really get anything from it, you would probably have to learn how to lucid dream.

Build an astral temple and perform your rituals there. All you need is your imagination.


How can I learn ? Is there any info on the forum?

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There are many books on the subject available. I don’t think the forum has any tutorials on it, but if you do a search you might find some recommendations.


When I’m alone in the room I do magick while sitting in front of PC. I look at spirit sigils, whisper etc. After, especially, having seen a sigil you may think of an entity, call it with your mind and communicate during the everyday life. It may be advisable to practice emptying your mind and take notes of the messages you’re possibly going to receive.


How well do you remember your dreams? That is the real question I feel. It is easy enough to call on the spirit and ask them to come to you in your dreams for whatever reason. I don’t think lucid dreaming is necessarily required though it also wouldnt hurt.

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I just invoke and to curious people say that the lines subconsciously stimulate parts of the brain and is an ancient Eastern Asian meditation technique. No one really knows what sigils are anyway

Demons may come to you in your dreams before you evoke them, and even if you hadn’t planned on making contact with them.

Look for call signs in your dreams before and a few days after attempting to contact them.