My Predestination Dreams

I am listing my predestination dreams here. If you have had some experiences like this then let me know your stories. I’d really be interested.

So a predestination or precognition dream is a dream that occurs often months and months before something happens in real life and it predicts what is going to happen. I have had this happen to me in total 4 times. Everytime it has been a warning of sorts.

In the first one I was walking on a shoreline that I had never seen in my waking life anywhere. I came across a bridge near that place in the dream and I saw a woman floating face down in the water. They were dead. There were traintracks going near the place. Suddenly the dream went backwards in timeline and I saw a small white wooden shop that had double doors and antique chairs inside. I heard gunshots.

Half a year later I am on a train going to meet my internet friend. My train goes through te town of Mikkeli and suddenly it hits me that that town was in my dream. I recognize thebridge, the houses and the small store as the train passes by. My friend calls me and asks me if I want to go to a music festival held in Mikkeli. I decline, as I have an ominous feeling.

The second one I had I was walking in Helsinki city near the trainstation and I recognize the area in my dream. A black man walks past me and accidentally pushes me in the dream apologizing. He is missing one tooth and has a very wide smile and kind eyes. Two busses can be seen from my peripheral vision on the left numbered 1 and 2 (bus numbers changed for anonymity). The dream jumps. I am riding the buss number 2. Iget off near a forest amd it is dark. I am going to my friends place. I get attacked and my phone and my backpack are stolen. I end up with a broken nose.

Later that year I am going to visit my friend and I am talking to her in the phone. I freeze as I recognize the busses 1 and 2 and the black man from my dream. I step back and he doesn’t have a collision with me. My friend tells me to take the bus number 2. I ask if there are other busses. She tells me 1 takes another longer route but it’ll do. I take bus 1 and miss the forest.

Dream three: I am in the back of the car driving in a small town. I stop in front of a restaurant that has red curtains and is white stone walled. It is a small pizzeria. I go inside and I ask for the menu. Turns out in this restaurant you pay with your soul and the food is cheap. In the basement in the dream I find a doorway underneath the restaurant.

Fast forward a month: My friends and me are in a small town I havenever been to for a spiritual gathering camp. After the camp is over my friend starts to drive toward home town. I have never been to this small town before. My friends tell me they are hungry. A few kilometers later we notice a small pizzeria -pizzeria from the dream. I tell my friends to keep driving. They ask me why. I tell them they will think I am crazy if I tell them. They promise they won’t. I tell them I saw a dream where something bad happens to the people who order in that pizzeria. They are convinced and we eat elsewhere.

Number 4. I see a dream about me walking in a deep forest when suddenly i have this deep knowledge of: “You will die today”

The next day I end up camping on an island and barely escape with my friend from a rapist (who I have no idea what else they might have tried if we didn’t escape)

What kind of experiences have you had?


Dreams do have meanings but some do not, u havent experienced any sort of predestination stuff like that but few weeks ago my mom dreamt my nephew getting hurt , actually its a warning so after two days he did really get hurt so i guess the spirits tried to warn my mom about it

I didn’t experience the exact dream future because I changed the outcomes by changing my actions leading up to outcomes. Unlike your mother it seems. And I don’t mean to offend you: I am saying I took the warnings seriously and ended up not getting hurt.

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