My Portable Altar, and some work I did on it

So I have a portable ritual altar that is inside a briefcase. I accidentally messed up the altar surface a couple weeks ago. I just resurfaced it with a thin piece of sheet aluminum.

After I resurfaced it, I decided to consecrate it with the eclipse water I saved from the solar eclipse (I made a big bottle of it). I could feel the power in it after I was done, and the surface is pretty nice. It should be pretty potent for ritual work now.


I was hoping you would show us when you were done. That came out very sharp. You are officially the 007 of magickal practitioners, lol. Additional storage under the tablet? Also, are the notebooks there as a manual backup or are they serving different functions?


The little memo notebooks are for keeping track of sigils and making quick notes, I got a pack of index cards for drawing sigils and shit on too. I got space for a couple thin books, the ones I have right now are just for fun. The tin holds something in the range of 18 tealight candles, as well as a snuffer. I got a pen and a small athame I made from a letter opener. And I got my lightning wand. Up in the top there’s a light to illuminate the stuff while you’re setting up the rituals.

Underneath the altar surface, I plan on putting a drawer there to better store stuff. And I want to get a thin notebook for whatever purposes I need.

Either way, thanks for the compliments.


Totally cool, love it!! :heart_eyes_cat: :+1:


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You wouldn’t have any suggestions would you? I mean I do want to get some spirits that I can link to it to make it even more potent than it already is, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

Oh I like it :smile_cat:

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Thanks. I’m just trying to figure out what else I should do with it.

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Bind the four elements to the portable altar, or find a spirit like E.a. found to bind to the universal circle, the spirit acted like a battery you need a type of spirit that can interact with all spirits like demons, angels, gods, Divs, the dead, ascended masters etc.

Then blood the altar you could use the glyphs from the universal circle draw a miniature universal circle in the centre of the altar and bind a spirit to it like e.a did.


I’ve already permanently invoked three of the five elements, but binding them to the altar could be a good idea. I did already consecrate it with the power of the sun and moon in unison via some eclipse water that I made during the last solar eclipse though.

I was thinking about binding a spirit for that, but the method I would use to find a spirit for this purpose has some dangers to it I feel. I’d ask my tarot deck to describe a spirit that would fulfill my purposes and wouldn’t mind being bound to my altar, then I’d evoke “the spirit that was described by the cards in this reading”…