My Podcast With E.A. Koetting

Second Podcast on november ninth. So we already have some people in mind for now it should be EA Zeraphina Michael Hyson Joseph Dougherty Anima Noira if E.A. agrees maybe Sorsha Runarius if Joseph gets her on. Everyone is always welcome so any of you who desire please say so down below in the comments and we will schedule and send you the invitation link or connect with you on Skype connect you to the group or maybe zoom or we will schedule future talks together with you. you so much that who have been been watching my channel and loving and supporting thanks again EA if you read this for the great podcast. love you all.


Is your name dievis or anthony s

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yeah good question man you see my name is Deivis antanas is my second so in English it’s Anthony you know the name of the saint so there it is I was thinking wether or not better to use my first name so I o decided to use this one but now I’m coming out so nice to meet you but yeah Deivis actually means God in my language so I love that name