My personal journey with King Paimon

Ok here I go I haven’t posted for a little while but I read daily and stay up with what’s going on. Now I have been working exclusively with the Great King Paimon for nearly a whole year now. I started out just getting to know him and his ideas and ideology about magick and life in general.
He came to me first without any attempt on my behalf to contact him or envoke or invoke him at all. He helped me in a few situation’s that I didn’t see an answer to or a way out of… Since then I entered into a personal and a so to speak teacher / student relationship. He has brought me a long way in just a short little year and I’m immensely greatful for all he’s done and is still doing for not only myself but my wife and son as well.
My background in magick is basically since they age of 11 or 12 I’ve walked a medicine man’s road and helped a great deal of other’s with problems that were plagueing them in there lives. Ultimately I found myself being drawn deeper and deeper to the darker arts and aspects of magick. So, I decided to leave the path I was walking and start a new one and that is how I came to the left hand path and King Paimon…
Since making this move I’ve been opened up to many ideas and paths that weren’t even an option to me before and I have found myself to be more firmly grounded in my own personal system of magick now.
Tonight I made a huge leap forward in my magick and relationship with the great King by undergoing a basically permeant possession ritual and rite that I felt was the next step in my own personal evolution with magick.
As it is still early and I’m being overwhelmed with feelings and ideas that aren’t my own. Plus my emotions and feelings are all over the board while the two of us fully immense with each other deeper and deeper as each second passes. I will be able to discern the wisdom that is now becoming my knowledge and one day shall be my wisdom in which to pass along.
I don’t fully recommend this to everyone because everyone and everything is different and reacts differently to different aspects of invocation and magick in general. What is good for one may be crippling to another.
I shall keep all of you posted and up to date with what knowledge I am entrusted with not only from King Paimon but my Ancestral gods as well since that is the direction I am moving to now. This is just a little quick thank you to those I have spoken to and have given me sound advice and direction when I needed it… Also thank you King Paimon for accepting me as one of your own and allowing me the gift you bestowed upon me this evening … Goodnight to you all.


That is beautiful. Much success to you on your journey with King Paimon. He is truly one of a kind and can help you in so many ways, all deep and on some level interconnected, and often quite amazing.


Good job


King Paimon is always there for me when I need him. He started me on my path, and whenever I am in trouble,I call to him.
I’m happy for you. The King truly is one of a kind and holds a special place in my heart.


I met, him today,… He appeared as a, Vietnamese fisherman like person with the hat lol… And the experience was mind blowingggg… He is immense… Asf… Also has a sense of humor… He gave me visions of bats and Chinese food :joy: :joy:…lifted my spirit