My pendulum keeps swinging to Venus

Right now I’m experimenting with Practical Planetary Magick. That’s the name of the book. The cover is pitch black with a purple heptameron. Each point has a planetary symbol on it in weekly order, Sun to Saturn. I place my pendulum over it and it keeps pointing to Venus. It’s a seven pointed polygon, so no point has an opposite. It’s clearly swinging to Venus.

I’m not opposed to Venus work. I’m actually very curious as to it’s energy and what I can do with it or learn from it. However, I do not believe I’m in a position to find a girl friend, if that is what Venus is trying to do. I’m currently on an unsuccessful job search and will be starting my final semester in my current college before the upcoming move.

At the moment, Jupiter and Mercury seem to be what I should be looking towards. Mars perhaps for exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind exploring a relationship, or just having sex. But it would make more sense for me to focus on personal development so I can be more confident in myself. Then turn to Venus, but the stone is very pushy.

Any ideas in what this could mean?


Venus does not just imply a relationship. It is far more than that.

Venus is the planet of Passion, and anyone who is passionate about something is said to be under the influence of Venus, whether that person is an activist or an army fighting for some cause.

You said you want to focus on self development and Venus is also the planet of Self-Love, and Confidence. Jason Miller has an exercise called The Summoning of the Seducer, in his book The Sorcerer’s Secrets, where you invoke the energies of Venus and then go out to a club and ask for phone numbers. The point of the exercise isn’t to score, but to get rejected while under the influence of Venus, so you learn to roll with it and to retain your confidence in yourself.

Venus very much can help you be comfortable with yourself.


That book also says Venus is about “developing friendships”. A lot of jobs never make it to the “want ads” - they’re just filled by friends of friends before they’re ever posted. So there’s that…