My path and Practical Change

My path has been a winding one.

I have had strong and direct understanding a lot lately because of my use of Rune Yoga and Icelandic Stave magick.

My understanding of what I want is one thing,
My magick to get it is another.
Esoteric beliefs and fixations, that’s of course wonderful.
Transcendent ritual experiences and the surreal nature of the Gods is also a plus.

But I have realized

It’s all nothing without focusing on the here and now practical aspects of my physical, emotional and mental life that are enslaving me.

What I mean is, I’m on the path of beginning to weight train and
NoFap reboot. I’m also starting to put the pieces together on what parts of my emotional life that need to change to have a better life. There is even more to this but I don’t think it’s safe to speak about them yet.

There are a lot of sacrifices ahead, but I am now aware of them.

I thank Odinn.

I believe things are clearing up for me after years of being lost spiritually.

It’s teally all simple.

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How many of you are focused on nofap or weight training?

How many of you have had the same understandings from Odin?

whats nofap?

Google it?

LOL Now I know, I though it was a diet program :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: