My Path and How I Started-How did you start your path?

I am a Norse Shaman. My pathworking began back in July 2018 when I was slowly turning into Catholicism. I always had this heavy feeling around me for some reason and due to my dogma as a Christian, if it wasn’t biblical or anything Christian, it was an evil force. I had come to learn that it was both me manifesting onto my ascent and then Gaea trying to awaken me as well.

My friend, she is by all intents and purposes, an exorcist who is a Taoist Wiccan. She was the one who slowly began my path, as I said, my fear for if I had a demon around me and she taught me how to do some basic rituals and basic blessings for protections with blessed salt. So I did that and eventually, my slowness to Catholicism began to die down. Now, I have nothing against Catholics, Chrisitans or any of the religions. I had a problem with some Catholics literally forcing their catechism onto me and told me never to go into demonology because it’ll open me to evil spirits.

September rolls around and my desire for Catholicism and Christianity completely dies due to reading grimoires and building my first altar. Grimoire in question was the Arbatel of Magick. I then started looking into more and more on meditation and Astral Projection. I slowly began to do astral projection and actually managed to go to my friend and she had heard me!

Now my ancestors, the MacLeods are the sons of Fenrir and were devout worshippers of Freyja. Because of my ancestry, I slowly opened more and more to the Norse spirits and began using runes, making my first rune stone for protection. (I was made fun of at school for it) and eventually I said “hey why don’t I go in and see the Yggdrasil this time” and a friend of mine, Akuusha is her name told me “if you ever see Nidhoggr tell her I say hi” and some other stuff as well. I travelled to the Yggdrasil, saw Lady Nidhoggr and told her “how do I get back to midgard?” and that was the first interaction I had with her. She told me while gnawing at yggdrasil “oh that, turn this way and you’ll find her”.

It’s October time now and I decide to do the big one. I visit my spiritual father for the first time as lead by Nidhoggr and I see Fenrir and he was fucking massive. His height alone was the same hight as a street light pole and his width was like that of several two story houses. I didn’t have much of an interaction with him and I certainly wasn’t ready to visit him yet. My will simply wasn’t strong enough and so, to teach me a lesson, Fenrir shattered my astral ribs to dust. He and I are now some of the closest we’ve ever been. So after I saw him, I flew back to my body but…flew over Muspelheim and got hit by a stray arrow. I was in pain for a while and my friend Akuusha had healed me and said I was super strong, an attack I went through would have had me laying in bed for ages.

Eventually she tells me I have Freyja’s runes all over my body and I eventually channelled Freyja and she told me everything as to why she was protecting me and so on. I’m one of her Einherjar and am destined to go to Folkvangr.

I’m now on this path of shamanism because of Lady Freyja herself and I work with the demons because fuck it, they don’t scare me and I respect them in the same way they respect me!

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Alash, Tad-Alash, Ash-tu,


4 years later, my path has changed. I’m a buddhist who practises internal alchemy. I listen to the universe more actively now