My pact with murmur

I want to share what I got out of my pact with murmur so far. If you are a musician then I highly recommend him. He help me write impressive lyrics very fast with low writers block like I can keep writing without stopping with new ideas flowing through my head. He increased my rap skills and my singing skills just a little bit. Recently he created good songs in my head and I ended up singing it the whole day because it was that good I had to write it down. Overall I am satisfied but this is just the beginning.



I see that you escaped the radar of Silent and Dark Knight, but you are required by forum rule to post an introduction in the introductions thread or a solo thread.

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He didn’t, actually. I prompted him in his first post about Ladilok :stuck_out_tongue:

However, @flycapmeta, @Kulina8 is correct. Consider this your second prompt. Please make your next post your introduction or it may lead to the suspension of your account until you do. The intro rule is not optional.

And he protects his followers from Evil Spirits too

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