My Pact with Harborym

I’ve been working with Harborym (a.k.a Aim). He had been in my mind for a while so I decided to look up information on him. I found that his sigil was very similar to the symbol given to me when I was shown the threads or loom of existence by the being I had met.

So I decided to evoke Aym to see if they were in fact the same being. When he showed up, I found out that they were not the same being. So I am left with the question of why was his sigil given to me. I have yet to ask but my guess is that the being (known as Carl) knew that I wanted something and that Aim could be the one to help me get it.

When I was reciting the Aim’s enn something happened that’s never occurred before. I had the usual burning sensation inside, but this time it felt like my voice was rumbling in my chest and out of nowhere I started to speak words I didn’t understand. They just flowed naturally on their own and felt to come straight from my core.

When he appeared the first thing he asked was what was it that I needed him to do and what I wanted that he could give to me.

I felt almost a little bad that he would think me so demanding so I asked him how he knew I didn’t just want to meet him for the sake of meeting him.

He sort of laughed and started to circle around me “We both know there is something that you want above all else. What is it?”

Well if you know already why do you have to ask?

He said he wanted to hear me say it… so I did, and became aware of many… many other beings or spirits in the room. All of them seemed to become especially enthralled and excited.

And thus we made a pact I made my offering and that was that.

The next night I was woken up by a presence in the room. His presence along with the others. He stood beside my bed holding a bow and arrows while some others seemed to be busying themselves in the room. I asked him what he needed of me and he simply said “We are here for your protection mistress. Youre going to need it. Rest.”

So that’s where we are so far. We’ll see what will be coming my way that I would need protection for. He seemed to be expecting something.