My Pact with Beelzebub

Several days ago I had entered into my first official pact with a demon. Beelzebub. I asked numerous things from him. A few of these things being aid with my assent, love, and his patronage. Now ever since I made that Pact, there’s always a fly wherever I go.

Today was the first lesson I learned from him, and it was a very valuable lesson. One I needed, even though it hurt me a bit. I developed a crush on a guy I know, told him how I felt, he ended up telling me he was already taken. It hurt because I acted like a fool attempting to get with a taken man.

I felt awkward, began to break down, started to say I just wasn’t pretty enough for someone like him. Began to doubt my faith. Seems every time I get into a tough situation, I throw my faith out the window.

Beelzebub made me realize this, I immediately stopped feeling sadden by the news my crush gave me. Decided to act more optimistic, try to lower my negativity, considering im very pessimistic.

The only way I’ll find love, is if I get my shit together first, and stop seeking it out. For now. I felt like this was very important and crucial to the things I asked of from our relationship within the pact.

I certainly recremond anyone who needs someone to kick your ass in gear to go to Beelzebub. He’s been amazing thus far. May update this thread later on about the pact. Or I’ll continue it in my journal.


Thanks for sharing! I was wanting to evoke him this puts my mind at ease. ^^


Vibarlal Dendas Tnasod Beelzebuth :heart_eyes:
Adey vocar avage Beelzebuth :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Hail Beelzebuth :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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A little update here.

Recently I have noticed that im coming into contact with not only flies but also other insects that fly. I have always felt that Beelzebub was the Lord over all that flies. Not Lord of the flies.

Just today I was walking home. Came across either two or three black feathers. Not sure what this symbolizes, or if he’s trying to give me a message of sort.

When I went home I checked the offerings I gave him.

There were dead flies and nats all over it.

Clearly it’s going well :grin::grin::grin:


Thanks for sharing. Alot of people act like they have thier shit together. But i dont think “having your shit together” is humanly possible. Lol. :blush: I hope you get what you seek.:v:

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How are things with your pact ? Can you please tell me how you did it?