My Own Magical Ascend - My Own Magical Meltdown

The Gatekeepers

I had worked and meditated with all of the gatekeepers not fully but I had made a nine day dedication to each one in my beginnings with the first keeper of the gate of the infernal empire Belial,the wicked worthless one,my dedication started when i drew the goliath star,the seed of darkness and all of the gatekeepers risen up in a form of a singular dragon satolas,then in individual yet connected shadows and heads of the beast,I remember the darkness in my bedroom when I first opened my heart to them and allowed them forth inside of me,in my heart space forever and ever.

I dared to walk upon the walk of black magick since I was very young,I remember when I was 12 years old slipping through pages of wicked books of black magick,researching demon names and felt a strong pull form where is the supposed “Root Chakra” i knew that was not a teenager interest but a strong spiritual pull for a broken child to work with those wicked devils,

Over time I have begun joining facebook groups and kept reading more books of black magick and demon magick after some months I begun actually practicing black magick,I remember my first successful evocation it was that of the death demon and god that i felt so connected with that was actually was one of my patron demons euronymous,being one of the nine aspects of satan according to demonolatry.

I begun working deeper and deeper with spirits,like belial,lucifer,azazel and satan my connection was intense i knew that they were real as they brought real changes in psyche and overall life,but one step up into me that was willing to make me mature and strong it was beelzebub.

Beelzebub guided me into new spirits and kingdoms on the abyss and even into the higher kingdom of the abyss that is the infernal empire,I came to the understanding that many of those kingdoms are sort of trading or meeting points of spirits,spirits were employed for tasks but the general and main was to expand the empire once.

Beelzebub taught me all basics and higher powers of magick in just a few months,from february into late may i knew a lot and even was considered an adept in magick by many of the people that I had worked and spoke with and old “mentors” became extremely surprised that I did so much in a few months.

But magick for me is not only the ritual and meditations it has an emotional meaningful value for me which I simply cannot stop which I resisted to say before but now I can say that I am obsessed with the path of darkness and of black magick.

I am thankful and grateful that beelzebub enchanted my ascend so much then he passed me into azazel then azazel into belial after time I begun the gatekeeper path ,I felt these pulls again,pulling me deeper and deeper into the abyss I was fearful but something inside me was not,something eternal which was my own greatness and godself that I resisted because I feared my own extreme power i admit that but i had pushed and push i got through so much in my childhood that I did not feel like a child anymore in the past.

The gatekeepers truly push me into my own greatness,it’s not a simple good life and i don’t want to be a good man I want to be a great man,have a great life and be a great being,with miniscule effort I achieved lots and lots of money for my family,thousands of euros.

But I am more than willing to become nothing and destroy everything in me and around,because i am destined for greatness,I am me Takkalos and i have been awakened by the nine headed beast,the dragonic serpentine hydra breathed and gazed at its evil eyes upon me forever.

With the pentagram in my ancient dark acasual core and with the seed of darkness within me I came here to open the infernal empire upon this earth.

Before the Infernal Empire To be Risen,The Kingdom of god must be destroyed.

I devoured it all.

I had evoked all evil and the emperor of darkness within me focused my evil eyes and wicked blacked light into the order of creation into the hive mind of order and light and stole of its power and knowledge,i stole it and made it mine this was not the end,i entered the acasual darkness through Belial’s lessons i made it into darkness and raised my own being.

As I fall into a bottomless pit as nothing i am one of those who opens the gates.