My own dedication rite

Hi everyone,

I feel the need to do some sort of dedication ritual. 21 days pops up, maybe i did read it once at the forum, but i feel like i need to do it. To work on my senses and dedication to the spirits i work with etc… Because of busy working days i find it difficult to uphold my daily meditation. But now the urge is there a lot, so i think i need to do this. Only thing is I’m working with Angels, Lucifer and did an initiation with a few Daemons. Astaroth, Bune and Azazel. So would it be the best to daily evoke the spirit you feel closest with or do you think i can use them al randomly in this 21 days. What would you do?

To give you some info. Articles pop up, synchronization is crazy (numbers) and everything they communicate start manifesting. And i even get a sense of be patient :slight_smile:

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I’m no master of demons, but I think it would make sense to focus on an entity that you are close to who is a teacher or trainer. Lucifer and Azazel sound like good “kingpins” for something like this. Work with them until you’ve got your energy all cranked up the way you want it then ask them who should be next.

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Thank you @Zapdubious i was thinking that way. Good to have reconfirmation.

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