My occult library


I thought I’d make a post with a show and tell of all my books. And it’s a lot of them. I put this under new magician help as some newbies of any of these paths or currents may find this useful for some book recommendations! However I’d say some of the books on here aren’t super beginner friendly and I’ll put a :zap: next to the ones that I personally think should be saved for an adept or at least someone who personally feels they’re ready for whatever that current is!

I’m going to keep it as short and concise with photos as much as possible. So if any of you have any questions about any of these books and or my experiences with them don’t be afraid to drop a reply. I’m usually very swift when it comes to replying to people.

I’ll start with all the books by EA koetting that I have.




work of darkness What are your experiences with

Primarily the evocation method and vampirism methods. I then proceeded to find my own method of vampirism that works for me.

thank you, how is the great spellbook of the infernal pact book and what’s inside?

The entire book is instructive steps and a step by step daily technique for formally making a pact with Lucifuge rofocale. It goes into fasting ect.

I never did it yet cause I don’t feel ready to make a pact with him. I feel he’d probably think the same thing too

I thought since I’m moving. I’m going through inventory of mine so I may as well show you my tarot decks and oracles. Maybe you want suggestions?

Excuse the mess :woman_facepalming: I don’t live alone

my senses are not clear can i still use it

I forgot to add these books lol


Well wether your senses are clear or not if the spirit is there he or she is there. Question is will you be able to tell? The suspicion of wether it’s working or not may lead to a failure mentality :nerd_face: it’s also possible lucifuge potentially might not even want to do a pact with you until you worked on that first. But yes you can.

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That stove has seen better days…:grimacing:

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Excellent library. I need to update my stash!

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