My Night with my Teacher, Belial

Try choosing another location and some spiritual cleansing baths.

What makes you think a lesser being is blocking the Daemonic King Belial from reaching you? Have you seen this lesser being? If a Banishing didn’t work it could be something else.

Yeah, I did try another location and the baths, but during the evocation while feeling his energy, very strong and hoping he would show up any second, then whoosh…it dies down. And via devination i would see this beings, they just keep coming, I would see His armies fighting them. I have tried all i know. But resulted to 0.

Not what my thoughts, but what I see. I do see this beings. They are so many. They just keep popping out, stunting, weird and angry. There is nothing else blocking but them. When i asked what’s this for, they just look at me and look away.

Can someone do a read on me concerning these?

If they seem human they could be your ancestors keeping the Daemon King away from you for protection. Not everyone is going to vibe with you and if you have protector spirits that could definitely stir them to action. Have they blocked anyone else from coming to you before?

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They don’t seem human. They are demonic in appearance. And I did asked my holy guardian angel here, he said the lesser demons are those I do see blocking those entities from coming to me. I called on Michael, just his energy then nothing. So i realised that they aren’t just blocking the Fallen Angels alone but also the Living Ones. I just don’t understand.

Ancestors? I don’t think so. This beings appear cruel, that at times they used to tell me to come out of the body and duel with them. All i do is stare and laugh.

Hm. If they want to see what you’ve got then next time they pop up start calling on the power of your own divinity within you to banish all entities interfering. Call on your divinity specifically and even use your name. Give them the middle finger while you’re at it.

Your divine power will work where nothing else will.

Well, I did alot. But this jobless spirits keeps coming. I saw an angel descend, he arrested bunch of them, handcuffed them, and walk them away. Then seconds later, I saw some other batch arrived. Nothing seems to be working. The only option i seems to have left now is for someone to help me get to the King.

The authors of BALG do such work for hire if you want to contact them and use their services.

Good luck.

Oh really, thanks. Appreciate you.

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